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Nyquist for 2010

06/25/10 The Gulf Oil Disaster
06/18/10 Poisonous Ideas
06/11/10 Communism on the March
06/04/10 The Game of Hate
05/28/10 Our Russian Oracle
05/21/10 Theasdcasdc
05/21/10 The Saviors of Mankind
05/14/10 A Word to the Wise
05/07/10 Make a Noise Like a Cow
04/30/10 Grand Strategy
04/23/10 A Short Philosophy of History
04/16/10 Decapitation by Mishap
04/09/10 An Unkind Cut
04/02/10 The Bombings in Moscow
03/26/10 The Final Treaty
03/19/10 Seeing Into the Future
03/12/10 The Fall of the Roman Republic
03/05/10 Lies Told to Children
02/26/10 Economics and the Health Care Debate
02/19/10 Civilization's Wrecking Crew
02/12/10 Do Unto Others
02/05/10 Celebrating the Demise of the Liberal Capitalist System
01/29/10 Russia's Conquest of Europe
01/22/10 Anti-Capitalists and Capitalists
01/15/10 Our Revolting Elites
01/08/10 Learning From Mistakes
01/04/10 What To Expect in 2010

Nyquist for 2009

12/18/09 The Truth
12/11/09 Playing With Fire
12/04/09 Behind Global Warming
11/27/09 Sweet Clarity is Gone
11/20/09 America's National Intelligence Strategy
11/13/09 How the Faithful City Became a Harlot
11/06/09 Thucydides in the Underworld
10/30/09 The Executive Branch and the Roots of Order
10/23/09 Prosperity and the Roots of American Order
10/16/09 Disarming America
10/09/09 A Soldier's Warning
10/02/09 Grand Strategy and Socialism
09/25/09 Nuclear Disarmament: A Modern Fairy Tale
09/18/09 Sending the Wrong Message
09/11/09 When Fantasy is Fatal
09/04/09 Legislative Corruption
08/28/09 The Sequence
08/21/09 Never Ask the Wolves to Help You Against the Dogs
08/14/09 Secret Takeovers
08/07/09 The Genealogy of Two Powers
07/31/09 The Power of Negative Thinking
07/24/09 Acknowledging the Deception
07/17/09 Marina Kalashnikova’s Warning to the West
07/10/09 Finding the right Tune
07/06/09 How to Immanentize the Eschaton
06/26/09 Elite Power in Iran
06/19/09 Why Most Things Do Not Matter
06/12/09 Holding It Together
06/05/09 AGreat Nation?
05/29/09 A Dreamer at the Helm
05/22/09 Stone Age Genocide
05/15/09 The Post-American Apocalypse
05/08/09 Nuclear Disarmament and Russia’s Heart of Darkness
05/01/09 The Investment Climate in 2059
04/24/09 Lessons Taken from Strategy Games
04/17/09 Understanding Subversion
04/10/09 Disarmament 101
04/03/09 When Fortune Turns Against Us
03/27/09 Speaking Truth to Power
03/20/09 Creative Visualization 101
03/13/09 Chaos, Confusion, and Civil War
03/06/09 Catastrophic Solutions for Catastrophe
02/27/09 The Man Who Warned Congress
02/20/09 Why Not the Truth?
02/16/09 Suvorov's Methodology
02/06/09 Shameful Stupidity
01/30/09 Compound Errors
01/26/09 Buchanan’s History
01/16/09 American Imperialism, Part II
01/09/09 American Imperialism, Part I
01/03/09 Strategic Reality 101

The Best of Nyquist for 2008

12/27/08 Smashing the Defense Budget
12/19/08 The Final Absurdity
12/12/08 Thatcher’s Defense of the Free Market
12/05/08 Negative Numbers and the Road to Serfdom
12/01/08 Old Scarecrows
11/21/08 Specialization and Decline
11/14/08 Russia's Response to the Economic Crisis
11/08/08 The Web of Deceit and the Spirit of Sabinus
10/31/08 Hitting Bottom
10/24/08 A Study in Collapse
10/17/08 The Same Old Delusions
10/10/08 The Monster at the Bottom of the Abyss
10/03/08 Political Blame and the Myth of Government...
09/26/08 False Values, False Economy, and the Devil to Pay
09/19/08 Financial Collapse and Destructive War
09/12/08 The Danger is Not Fully Appreciated
09/05/08 Change Agents
08/29/08 The Oracle
08/22/08 The West Comes Unraveled
08/15/08 Russia's Concept for Dominating Europe
08/08/08 Russia Invades Georgia
08/01/08 Politics by Assassination?
07/25/08 The Blind Kittens
07/18/08 High Finance and Bolshevik Principles
07/11/08 Cultural Suicide
07/04/08 What the Founding Fathers Would Say
06/27/08 The Enemy's Scheme of Attack
06/20/08 Exploiting Our Economic Woes
06/13/08 Up to Old Tricks
06/06/08 Triggering Global Revolution
05/30/08 The Oil Problem, Part 2
05/23/08 The Oil Problem
05/16/08 A Dangerous Passage
05/09/08 Buchanan's Day of Reckoning, Part IV
05/02/08 Buchanan's Day of Reckoning, Part III
04/25/08 Buchanan's Day of Reckoning, Part II
04/18/08 Buchanan's Day of Reckoning, Part I
04/11/08 Fighting for Freedom
04/04/08 The ABCs of Global Power
03/28/08 Autarky and Ancient Wisdom
03/21/08 Tolerance and National Unity
03/14/08 Strategic Intention and Mass Man
03/07/08 Strategic Relationships
02/29/08 Ancient Athens and Modern America
02/22/08 Misreading the Tea Leaves
02/15/08 In the Red
02/08/08 Defenseless and Stupid
02/01/08 The Cold War Never Ended
01/25/08 Letting Go of Our Defenses
01/18/08 Alien Minds
01/11/08 The Curse of Unreality
01/04/08 Years of Crisis Ahead

Map of World

The Best of Nyquist for 2007

12/28/07 The Advantage of the Nation State
12/21/07 "Strategic Siege" in the Great Game
12/14/07 Analysis for the Sake of Convenience
12/07/07 The State as End-In-Itself
11/30/07 Political Philosophy 101
11/26/07 Decay, Economic Downturn and Revolution
11/16/07 The War on Error
11/09/07 Cycles of History, Boom and Bust
11/02/07 The Devil in the Details, Again
10/26/07 The Downward Trend Is Unstoppable
10/19/07 The Logic of Nuclear Proliferation
10/12/07 Machiavelli's Six Conditions
10/04/07 Iranian Situation Bound to Worsen
09/30/07 Propaganda Points the Way
09/21/07 The Flight Into Real Values
09/14/07 Filming the Great Deception
09/07/07 Hitting the Wall
08/31/07 Economic Warfare in the Final Phase
08/24/07 Russia's Undeniable War Preparations
08/17/07 When the Herd Panics
08/10/07 A Brief Commentary on Financial Crises
08/03/07 How the Present Economic Order Will End
07/27/07 The Coming Malaise
07/20/07 The Assassins
07/13/07 Office Politics
07/06/07 The Path of Dissolution
07/02/07 Moral Equivalence
06/22/07 War Preparations and War Strategy in the Middle East
06/15/07 The Brand of Shame and Infamy
06/08/07 Russia's G8 Strategy
06/01/07 When Big Enemies Encounter Small Nothings
05/25/07 Russian Motives
05/18/07 CIA Myth, CIA History
05/11/07 Words From Red Square
05/04/07 An Idea Firmly Planted
04/27/07 One Clenched Fist
04/20/07 Broken On a Wheel of Lies
04/15/07 Morality, Strategy and Destiny
04/06/07 Will Bush Bomb Iran?
03/30/07 As Winter Approaches
03/23/07 East vs. West: An Old Tale
03/16/07 Multiplication of Wants
03/09/07 China's Military Strategy
03/02/07 China's Economic Strategy
02/23/07 Evil in Politics
02/16/07 Putin's Munich Speech
02/09/07 Worldly Wisdom
02/04/07 The Cult of Murder
01/26/07 The Destruction of the United States
01/19/07 No Sense of History
01/12/07 Some Things Are Impossible
01/05/07 The Lost Shepherd

The Best of Nyquist for 2006

12/29/06 Europe's White Flag of Cowardice
12/22/06 Socialism Again
12/15/06 Wake Up
12/08/06 Energy and Security
12/01/06 Russia Ready to Neutralize U.S. Economy
11/27/06 A New Methodology for West Affairs
11/20/06 Kremlin Poison
11/10/06 Political Change and Middle East Policy
11/03/06 America's Defeat
10/27/06 The Islamic Tide
10/20/06 The Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya
10/13/06 Behind North Korea's Nuclear Test
10/06/06 Analytical Clarifications
09/29/06 A Restructured Threat
09/22/06 America's Enemies at the U.N.
09/15/06 The Path to 9/11 and Beyond
09/08/06 Anatomy of a Delusion
09/01/06 Objectives and Outcomes
08/25/06 Russia and the Iranian Bomb
08/18/06 The Long Struggle Continues
08/11/06 Islam and Fascism
08/04/06 Is there a Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance
07/28/06 The Bungle Factor
07/21/06 Iran's Game and America's Fate
07/14/06 The Fatal Befuddlement
07/07/06 Government Wrongdoing
06/30/06 Falling Asleep At the Switch
06/23/06 Refusing to Face Reality
06/16/06 Unfinished Business, Then and Now
06/09/06 Machiavellian Realism
06/02/06 The Torah of Geopolitics
05/26/06 A Man of Average Ability
05/19/06 Berlinski's Europe
05/12/06 Peak Oil Addendum and Errata
05/08/06 Debunking Peak Oil
04/28/06 Going Nowhere
04/21/06 Middle East Woes
04/14/06 The Real Mexican Revolution
04/07/06 The Success of the West
03/31/06 Implausible Deniability
03/24/06 More Tricks
03/17/06 Our Fragile World
03/10/06 Caught in a Trap
03/03/06 Desperately Seeking Peace
02/24/06 Narcissism and the Self-Serving Bias
02/17/06 Intuition Deficit Disorder
02/10/06 Iran, Russia, and American Self-Deception
02/03/06 The Direction of American Policy
01/27/06 Saddam's WMDs Moved to Syria
01/20/06 Peak Oil and Civilization's Decline
01/13/06 Strategy and The Great Powers
01/06/06 The Next Crisis: Iran

The Best of Nyquist for 2005

12/30/05 An Open-Ended War
12/23/05 The Undead Again
12/16/05 Iran: A Problem Within a Problem
12/09/05 Democracy vs. Property
12/02/05 Japanese Rearmament and the China Threat
11/25/05 An Outline of Bush's War Strategy
11/18/05 Democracy as Strategy
11/11/05 Ethnic Violence and Economic Decline in Europe
11/04/05 Is Bush's Middle East Policy Collapsing?
10/28/05 The Death of Steven Vincent
10/21/05 A Question of Intelligence
10/14/05 A Reversal of Fortune
10/07/05 The Problem of Enmity
09/30/05 Does Al Qaeda Have Nuclear Weapons? 2
09/23/05 Does Al Qaeda Have Nuclear Weapons? 1
09/16/05 A Threefold Crisis
09/09/05 Waiting for Bin Laden
09/02/05 The Planet of the Apes
08/26/05 Chavez, Castro and Robertson
08/19/05 The Iraq Diversion
08/12/05 Rumors of War
08/05/05 The Collapse of Order
07/29/05 The Collapse of Capitalism
07/22/05 American Hiroshima
07/15/05 China's Nuclear Threat
07/08/05 Why London Was Targeted?
07/01/05 Recent China Revelations
06/24/05 Freedom and Military Power
06/17/05 National Security vs. Special Interests
06/10/05 Feminism and the Defense of the West
06/03/05 Trivial Propositions and the Big Picture
05/27/05 Why the Bad Guys Are Bad
05/24/05 Chickens, Goats & Military Intelligence
05/13/05 Surprise Attacks
05/06/05 Grand Strategy and Moral Sentiment
04/29/05 Eternal Recurrence
04/22/05 Straight Talk
04/15/05 The Very Thing We Combat
04/01/05 Reductionism and Anti-Americanism
03/10/05 East and West, Again
02/18/05 The Soul of Iraq
02/04/05 The Political Consequences of a Financial Crash
01/21/05 Outposts of Tyranny
01/06/05 Unmasking Spies, Then and Now

The Best of Nyquist for 2004

12/30/04 The U.S.-French Split
12/24/04 Soros versus Horowitz
12/15/04 Russia's Challenge to America
12/09/04 Was Yushchenko Poisoned?
12/02/04 Analyzing the Ukraine Crisis
11/26/04 Measuring American Success in the War
11/19/04 Bush's New National Security Regime
11/11/04 An American Pudding
11/03/04 Picking Up All of The Pieces
10/27/04 America's Choice
10/22/04 The Heart of the Arab World
10/14/04 Talking Up the Russia Threat
10/07/04 Losing the War on Terror
09/30/04 The Crisis of Organized Brigandage
09/23/04 New Enemies for Old
09/16/04 The September Revolution
09/08/04 Putin Declares War
08/26/04 Predicting the Future, Part IV
08/18/04 Predicting the Future, Part III
08/12/04 Predicting the Future, Part II
08/04/04 Predicting the Future, Part I
07/30/04 My Errors, My Perspective (Special Ed.)
07/29/04 The Dance of Death
07/21/04 Murder in Russia
07/14/04 Is al Qaeda Preparing a Nuclear Hit?
07/07/04 Courting War with America
06/30/04 Fahrenheit Geopolitics
06/24/04 The Iranian Threat
06/17/04 The Fed and China's Grand Strategy
06/09/04 The Advent of Nihilism
06/03/04 The Sociology of Mass Destruction Weapons
05/27/04 The American Empire and Its Prospects
05/19/04 A Culture of Hate?
05/13/04 Grey Terror
05/05/04 America's Defeat: A Witches' Tale
04/28/04 The Chemical Bomb Plot in Jordan
04/22/04 Complications and Combinations
04/15/04 The President and The Piranhas
04/08/04 The Politicization of 9/11
03/31/04 The Russian Mafiya and Al Qaeda
03/24/04 China's Army on Combat Alert
03/18/04 Spain and the Future of the West
03/10/04 News That Isn't New
03/04/04 The Problem of the Enemy
02/26/04 The Heart of a Nation
02/19/04 A Note After the Passing of President's Day
02/11/04 Superpower Relations
02/04/04 The Secret War
01/29/04 Europe vs. America and Israel?
01/22/04 Another Fine Bureaucratic Mess
01/15/04 Bush Against The Smart Set
01/08/04 Outrageous Bureaucratic Bungling

The Best of Nyquist for 2003

12/17/03 Saddam's Legacy
12/03/03 The Soviet Union Again
11/26/03 It's About Freedom
11/19/03 A Tangled Debate: Saddam's Al Qaeda Ties
11/12/03 Hoaxers, Terrorists, Revolutionaries and Spetsnaz
11/05/03 Democracy in Iraq?
10/29/03 Did the President Lie?
10/09/03 A Victory for Democracy?
10/01/03 Them Dry Facts
09/24/03 Kremlin Terrorists
08/27/03 Russia's Game
08/13/03 Who Becomes A Terrorist?
08/06/03 America's Ignorance of the Middle East
07/30/03 A Kingdom Torn Asunder
07/23/03 The Saudi Question
07/16/03 The Approaching Global Crisis
07/09/03 Treason or Criticism?
07/02/03 Meet the Policymakers
06/25/03 The Wisdom of New Zealand
06/18/03 Gross Stupidity and Negligence
06/11/03 America, Britain and the European Union
06/04/03 Lying About America
05/28/03 The Threat to America & Bush's Response
05/14/03 Europeversus America
05/07/03 The Middle East Crisis in Retrospect
04/23/03 China Troubles
04/08/03 The Core of the Axis Exposed
03/11/03 Two Warnings
03/05/03 The Business of the Monkey
02/25/03 Friendly Fire
02/18/03 Coriolanus Again
02/12/03 Is NATO Cracking?
01/21/03 Destructive Criticism, Ideology and The Fog of War
01/14/03 The Enemy Behind Our Enemy
01/09/03 The Crisis in Venezuela - Special Report
01/07/03 Latin America's Red Axis
01/04/03 The Thug in Iraq

The Best of Nyquist for 2002

11/12/02 No Wiggle Room
11/04/02 The Presbyterian "Peacemongers"
10/29/02 America's Intelligence Breakdown
10/15/02 The New Economy & The New World Order
09/24/02 Will the Real Bogeyman Please Stand Up
09/10/02 One Year in the War on Terror
07/16/02 Ayman al-Zawahiri's Russian Adventure
07/09/02 The Chechen War and bin Laden's Nukes
06/10/02 Why We Are Not Safe: An Examination of the Fictions That Govern Us
02/25/02 Bush stands tall: Iraq in the Crosshairs
02/11/02 Russia's Proliferation Game

The Best of Nyquist for 2001

12/24/01 A Thousand-And-One Traitors
12/10/01 Only In America
11/19/01 Our Local Enemy
11/12/01 The Bush-Putin Summit
10/29/01 The Darkness of South Asia

J. R. Nyquist has appeared on Financial Sense Newshour and is the author of Origins of the Fourth World War.

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