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James J Puplava CFP's Complete Commentary

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Storm Watch Updates

Storm Watch Updates
~ 2010 ~
era Storm Watch Updates
~ 2009 ~
era Forecast Pt.2
Storm Watch Updates
~ 2007 ~
Forecast Pt.2 Forecast Pt.1 Storm Watch Updates
~ 2006 ~
Rogue Wave
Storm Watch Updates
~ 2005 ~
Day After Tomorrow Pt.4 The Two Bens There Is No Plan B Day After Tomorrow Pt.3
The Core Rate Tipping Points Day After Tomorrow Pt.2 The Investment Constant Day After Tomorrow Pt.1
Storm Watch Updates
~ 2004 ~
Perfect Option Pt.2 The Carry Trade Economy This is As Good As It Gets
Unraveling Moving to Center Stage It's Time to Cross Over Illusions Super bull
Storm Watch Updates
~ 2003 ~
The Unbalanced Economy The Fictional Economy Unless Somthing Happens Economy
Silver Catalyst The Golden Bull Ten Sigma Oracles Soothsayers and Fortune Tellers
Storm Watch Updates
~ 2002 ~
Cra$hmaker Bubble Troubles Pt.3 Bubble Troubles Pt.2
Bubble Troubles Pt.1 Reflections from the Beach Keep it Simple The Economic State of Our Union Debt Valley
Musical Chairs Changing Preferences Pt.2 Changing Preferences Pt.1 Don't Worry Be Happy Sum of My Fears
Perfect Option Rogue Waves Pt.2 Rogue Waves Pt.1 The Last Wave Next Big Thing
03/22/02 Let The 2002 Goodwill Games Begin! Round 1 First Quarter Earnings
03/01/02 The Death of Literacy
02/15/02 Dow 10,000 Versus Gold $300
02/08/02 Parallel Times
01/25/02 Breakdown: Greed, Complexity, Conflicts of Interest and The Moral Hazard
01/18/02 Margin of Safety
01/11/02 Stargazing: The art of forecasting the financial future
12/14/01 Too Many Ifs to Say When
12/07/01 Déjà vu ~ Haven't we been this way before?
11/30/01 Reinflating The Bubble
11/16/01 Running Out of Time and Bullets
11/09/01 A Penny Less ~ A Penny More
11/02/01 Countermeasures
10/26/01 Another Hole in The Dike: Cracks, Leaks, and Pressure Points Seen in Global Economies
10/19/01 Hype, Hypocrisy, and Hypotheticals: Three Trends That Will Take Us Deeper into Recession
10/12/01 Let's Face Facts
10/05/01 Pedal To The Metal
09/28/01 Aftershocks And Anomalies
09/21/01 Collateral Damage
09/14/01 9-1-1 The Day That Changed Everything
09/07/01 There were some significant stories this week...


In My Opinion

In My Opinion - Jim 04/28/03 Man The Lifeboats
02/22/03 Free Speech or The Dictatorship of Thought?

All editorials revised 05/01/08
In My Opinion - Mary 07/13/05 Why Can't We Just Get Along?
09/09/03 When Good Men and Women Stand
03/03/03 My Country 'Tis of Thee

All editorials revised 05/01/08


Power shift 03/29/2007 Part 2 Eyes Wide Shut: the Politics of Energy
03/16/2002 Part 1 Hubbert's Peak & The Economics of Oil
02/22/2002 Introduction

Power Shift Hubbert's Peak Eyes Wide Shut Terrorism Real Audio MP3

The GREAT Inflation

Great Inflation 10/28/2005 Part 2: The Two Bens
09/23/2004 Part 1: The Nature of Money


Financial Storms Heading For The U.S. Economy
Perfect Financial Storm 07/18/2000 Part 1 Introduction
08/10/2000 Part 2 Tsunami
09/09/2000 Part 3 Bear-O-Metric Pressure
10/03/2000 Part 4 The Gathering Storm
10/26/2000 Part 5 Rogue Wave - Rogue Trader
11/06/2000 Part 5 Rogue Wave Continued
01/01/2001 Part 6 Storm Tactics - Preparing For the Storm
02/15/2001 Part 7 Storm Tactics for Deflation
03/15/2001 Part 8 Storm Tactics for Inflation & Stagnation
05/26/2001 Part 9 Storm Tactics for The Perfect Financial Storm
08/16/2001 Part 10 Riders On The Storm
Ongoing Storm Watch - Significant News & Weekly Update


Economy 11/20/1999 Part 1 Miracle of Miracles
11/29/1999 Part 2 Why Not Dow 1,000,000?
12/05/1999 Part 3 The Earnings Game
01/03/2000 Part 4 Trains, Planes,& Dot Coms
02/02/2000 Part 5 A Chicken in Every Pot
03/10/2000 Part 6 Booms, Busts & Boomers
04/18/2000 Part 7 Remembering Agincourt


12/20/2000 Trains, Planes & Dot Coms Revisited
April 2000 Rounding The Mark
Feb. 2000 The 19th Hole
Stock and Commodities

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