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06/16/2010 Will China Follow the U.S. In a Mortgage Bust?
06/09/2010 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - June 2010
06/04/2010 Deflation comes to Europe
05/25/2010 Inflation Prospects
05/12/2010 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - May 2010
05/11/2010 2010, Year of Sovereign Risk
05/06/2010 Anemic GDP Growth Rate Not Good Enough
04/27/2010 S&P 500 Earnings Beating Estimates
04/20/2010 Are there more Cockroaches in the Kitchen
04/13/2010 Monthly Stock Market Trends – April 2010
04/07/2010 Are Bonds Hinting the Rally in Stocks Will Continue?
04/01/2010 When Will the Dominos Align
03/26/2010 Big Oil Entering the Shale Natural Gas Arena
03/17/2010 S&P 500 PE Ratio Analysis for March 2010
03/11/2010 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - March 2010
03/04/2010 How to be a Contrarian Investor
02/11/2010 Home Remodeling Holds Potential for Investors
02/05/2010 Monthly Stock Market Trends
01/29/2010 Remodeling Homes Holds Potential for Investors
01/21/2010 Emerging Economies Will Continue to Lead the Way
01/05/2010 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends – January 2010
12/23/2009 Portfolio Risk Management
12/16/2009 S&P 500 PE Ratio - Forecast 2010 - 2011
12/09/2009 Natural Gas Outlook 2010
12/02/2009 Sector Investing Strategies, Equal Weight
11/18/2009 Will Consumer Spending Really be Different This Time?
11/10/2009 Case for Jobless Growth
11/04/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - November 2009
10/21/2009 Global Growth Trends – Asia and Brazil
10/14/2009 Global Growth Trends – Falling Value of the U.S. Dollar
10/06/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - October 2009
09/30/2009 Don't Fight the Fed
09/24/2009 Bull or Bear Market - Case for a Bull Market
09/16/2009 Is it a Bull or Bear Market – Case for a Bear Market Rally
09/09/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - September 2009
09/02/2009 Sector Investing: Use Fundamental or Technical Analysis?
08/27/2009 What a Changing Savings and Export Rate Tell Us
08/20/2009 Where are the Opportunities for Investors with Electric Powered Cars?
08/14/2009 Rising Exports, the Basis for a Sustained Recovery
08/06/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - August 2009
07/29/2009 China Debt Bubble Looming
07/22/2009 Sector Rotation Strategies – Exports Driving Economic Growth
07/08/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends - July 2009
07/02/2009 Smart Grid Investing
06/24/2009 What's up with Oil
06/19/2009 Stop Loss Orders vs. Protective Put Options
06/10/2009 Is the News in Housing Good or What
06/04/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends – June 2009
05/27/2009 Consumers Will Lead the Way
05/22/2009 Yield Curve and the Stock Market
05/15/2009 This Economic Recovery will be Different This Time
05/06/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends – May 2009
04/30/2009 Bear Market Strategies for IRA Investors
04/23/2009 Where are the S&P 500 Earnings Expectations
04/16/2009 Sector Rotation Strategy
04/09/2009 Has the Stock Market Bottomed Yet?
04/03/2009 S&P 500 Stock Market Trends – April 2009
03/26/2009 China to the Rescue
03/19/2009 Buy and Hold vs. Buy at the Right Time
03/11/2009 Buy or Sell Biotechnology
03/06/2009 Current Stock Market Trends – March, 2009
02/26/2009 What is the PE Ratio telling us now?
02/18/2009 Goodwill, the Next Big Write-off
02/12/2009 Will the Stimulus and TARP Work?
02/04/2009 Stock Market Trends – February 2009
01/29/2009 Does any Know Where the Economy is Going?
01/22/2009 Stocks Are Not As Cheap In the New Investing Environment
01/12/2009 Monthly Market Trends - January 2009
12/29/2008 What me Worry about the Deficit
12/16/2008 When will this Bear Market End?
12/09/2008 Monthly Market Trends - 12/2008
12/01/2008 Restructuring, Recessions and Politics
11/20/2008 Consequences of De-leveraging
11/12/2008 How Low will the Fed Funds Rate Go?
11/06/2008 Market Trends November 2008
10/30/2008 What the PE Ratio is telling us?
10/23/2008 Point of Interest: Learn to live with more Government
10/16/2008 I am from the Government and I am Here to Help
10/09/2008 More to go in the House Price Decline
10/02/2008 Monthly Market Trends - October 2008
09/16/2008 More Bank Failures are Coming
09/04/2008 Market Trends
08/20/2008 The Stumble Along Economy
08/05/2008 Market Trends August 2008
07/30/2008 Credit Drying Up
07/17/2008 The Financial Woes of the Banks Will Continue
07/10/2008 Investing with High Gas Prices
06/27/2008 Earnings Expectations are Still to High
06/20/2008 Learn to invest by Recognizing our Mistakes
06/06/2008 Monthly Market Trends
05/29/2008 What the HP-EDS Deal Means to Accenture
05/21/2008 The State of Consumer Spending
05/15/2008 Sell In May and Go Away?
05/08/2008 Monthly Stock Market Trends - May 2008
05/02/2008 Patience is an Investor's Virtue
04/25/2008 Opportunities in Natural Gas - Service Companies
04/17/2008 Are Earnings Expectations to High?
04/09/2008 A Bottom for the Financials?
04/03/2008 Monthly Market Trends � April 2008
03/27/2008 De-leveraging, what is it and why should Investors Care?
03/20/2008 How Bad Can It Get
03/06/2008 Monthly Market Outlook, March 2008
02/29/2008 Putting On Protection
02/14/2008 Best Buys in Refiners
02/08/2008 2008: A Tale of Two Halves, Part 5 Healthcare, Industrials and Cons. Discretionary
01/30/2008 2008: A Tale of Two Halves, Part 4 Materials and Utilities
01/24/2008 2008: A Tale of Two Halves, Part 3 Technology and Consumer Staples
01/16/2008 2008: A Tale of Two Halves, Part 2
01/08/2008 2008: A Tale of Two Halves
01/02/2008 Covered Call Option Strategies, Part 4
12/21/2007 An Investors View of the Fed Moves
12/13/2007 Covered Call Option Strategies, Part 3
12/06/2007 Covered Call Option Strategies, Part 2
11/28/2007 Covered Call Option Strategies, Part 1
11/16/2007 Another NASDAQ Low Coming
11/06/2007 How to Beat the Market by Playing the Federal Reserve Rate Cuts
10/30/2007 Technology Sector Investing Themes
10/24/2007 To Beat the Market, Be in the Right Sector, Part 3
10/16/2007 To Beat the Market, Be in the Right Sector, Part 2
10/08/2007 To Beat the Market, Be in the Right Sector, Part 1
10/01/2007 Using the Emissions Cost Curve to Identify Investment Opportunities
09/24/2007 Stock Market Returns After Rate Cuts
09/17/2007 Top 5 Best Performing Technical Formations
09/11/2007 Would You Rather Have a Rate Cut or a Strong Economy?
09/06/2007 Do Investors Really Want the Fed to Lower Interest Rates?
08/31/2007 Case for Expanding PE Ratio
08/27/2007 Volatility as a Stock Market Indicator
08/20/2007 Lower Rates From the Fed Not Likely
08/13/2007 Liquidity Problems and the Stock Market
08/07/2007 Will the PE Ratio Expand or Contract? Part 1
07/16/2007 Oil Going to $80 a Barrel?
07/09/2007 The Summer Pause That Refreshes
06/28/2007 Apple's iPhone, An Investors Dilemma
06/22/2007 Interest Rates Move Stocks
06/16/2007 Interest Rates and Global Growth
06/07/2007 Patience, an Investor's Virtue
05/30/2007 Values Plus Growth Investing, Part 2: Free Cash Flow
05/16/2007 Will the Market Ever Stop Going Up?
04/25/2007 Sell in May and Go Away?
04/18/2007 Values Plus Growth Investing, Part 1
04/06/2007 Points of Interest -- Earnings Expectations
03/29/2007 Only One Cockroach
03/22/2007 Are You Diversified?
03/15/2007 Odds of a Recession 50-50
03/09/2007 Timing Your Entry
03/02/2007 What Do I Do Now?
02/27/2007 Another Perspective on the Inverted Yield Curve
02/16/2007 Investing in the Stock Market - Signs of Trouble
02/10/2007 Which Way Will the Price of Oil Go? Down to $40 or Up to $100?
02/04/2007 International Exposure Through Foreign Exchange Funds
01/30/2007 Alternatives for Investing Available Cash
01/23/2007 Is the Market at the Top?
01/12/2007 Themes for 2007
01/08/2007 Where is the Bottom in Housing?
12/22/2006 Point of Interest - Setting Stops
12/12/2006 Managing the Trade
12/04/2006 Timing the Entry
11/27/2006 How Far Can the Mid-Term Election Rally Go?
11/15/2006 Point of Interest - What the PE Ratio Trend is Telling Us
11/06/2006 Stock Selection - Finding High Potential Companies
10/24/2006 The Investor, Trader and Gambler
10/26/2006 A Point of Interest
10/17/2006 The Business Cycle
10/10/2006 The Inverted Yield Curve
09/26/2006 Limits to Learning
09/20/2006 Selling Your Exit Target
09/01/2006 Trailing Stop Strategies
08/10/2006 Ten Investment Trends For the Future
07/28/2006 Earnings Season: A Time to be Very Careful


As a long time investor, I was fortunate to retire at 55. I believe you can employ simple investment principles to find and evaluate companies before committing one's hard earned money. Recently, after my children and their friends graduated from college, I found my self helping them to learn about the stock market and investing in stocks. As a result I created a website that provides a growing set of information on many investing topics along with sample portfolios that consistently beat the market. Feel free to visit the site at http://www.tradingonlinemarkets.com

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