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ARCHIVE for Peter Schiff, President

06/07/2010 The Phantom Recovery
05/18/2010 It Could Have Had Class
05/07/2010 Is Sovereign Debt Crisis Contained to Subprime?
04/23/2010 To Peg or Not to Peg?
04/09/2010 Krugman Strikes Again
04/01/2010 The Fed's Last Hurrah
03/12/2010 Consumer Sentiment is Falling
03/01/2010 Don't Bet on a Recovery
02/24/2010 It's All Greek to Me
02/12/2010 Fear Takes the Wheel
02/05/2010 More Government Equals Fewer Jobs
01/29/2010 The Precarious State of Our Union
01/28/2010 Geronimo!
01/22/2010 Congress Sacks Samoan Economy
01/15/2010 Poland's Economy Is No Joke
01/07/2010 It's Not Our Fault
12/30/2009 A Hell of a Decade
12/23/2009 Dropping the Bomb on Health Care
12/14/2009 Mission Not Accomplished
11/20/2009 The Truth Behind China's Currency Peg
11/13/2009 Job Losses Demystified
11/06/2009 Lousy Jobs, In Such Small Portions
10/30/2009 Hair of the Dog
10/23/2009 Dollar Forced to Abdicate
10/16/2009 Ignorance Is Bliss
10/02/2009 The Recovery That Isn't
09/25/2009 The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh
09/18/2009 Lehman Brothers Revisited
09/11/2009 Canary in the Coal Mine
08/26/2009 The Devil We Know
08/21/2009 Dough for Dumps?
08/14/2009 Less Government or Lower Wages? You Decide.
07/31/2009 Happy Days Aren't Here Again
07/24/2009 No Exit for Ben
07/17/2009 Prescription for Disaster
07/10/2009 Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity
06/26/2009 Double Whammy
06/19/2009 Back in the U.S.S.A.
06/12/2009 Property Rights Take a Hit
06/05/2009 The Charm Offensive
05/29/2009 Obama Should Tell California to Drop Dead
05/22/2009 Housing's Big Picture Isn't Pretty
05/15/2009 Who, Me? Yes You!
05/08/2009 Don't Be Fooled by Inflation
04/24/2009 Here They Come To Save The Day
04/17/2009 Not All Economists Agree
04/09/2009 Be Careful What You Wish For
04/03/2009 Let's Play Pretend!
03/27/2009 The Fault Lines Emerge
03/20/2009 The Mother of all Bells
03/13/2009 Credit Card Cancer
03/06/2009 Rush to Judgment
02/27/2009 Obama Puts the Economic Cart before the Horse
02/20/2009 Predatory Legislators
02/16/2009 Obama's Opening Salvo
02/06/2009 This is Just the Beginning
01/29/2009 A Response to My Critics
01/16/2009 Credit Where Credit is Due
01/09/2009 The Fed's Bubble Trouble
12/17/2008 In Madoff We Trust
12/12/2008 A Nightmare Before Christmas
12/05/2008 Low Rates, Big Problems
12/01/2008 Bailout-a-Go-Go
11/21/2008 The Truth About Bailouts
11/14/2008 The Humpty Dumpty Economy
11/07/2008 The Reagan Counterrevolution
10/31/2008 The Tales Get Taller
10/27/2008 Upping the Stimulus Dosage
10/17/2008 Not Your Grandfather's Depression
10/10/2008 The Party is Over
10/03/2008 Liquidity is in the Eye of the Holder
09/26/2008 Making a Deal with the Devil
09/17/2008 Comrade Bernanke Does it Again
09/12/2008 Last Gasp of a Doomed Currency
09/09/2008 Paulson's Quick Draw
09/05/2008 Down the Rabbit Hole
08/29/2008 Let's Get Real about Real Estate
08/22/2008 Investors Chase Phantoms
08/15/2008 The Strong Dollar Illusion
08/08/2008 The American Dream is Just That
08/01/2008 The Maestro Won't Face the Music
07/25/2008 Congress Taps Paulson's Helmet
07/18/2008 Armed and Dangerous
07/11/2008 Demand Destruction Stops at the Border
07/02/2008 Das Monetary Policy
06/27/2008 Intervention Will Not Stop the Dollar's Slide
06/20/2008 The Fed Unreserved
06/06/2008 The Fed's Strong Dollar Policy
05/30/2008 Don't be Afraid, Buy Gold
05/27/2008 It's not an Oil Crisis it's a Dollar Crisis
05/16/2008 China's Simple Solution
05/09/2008 The Ticking Credit Card Time Bomb
05/02/2008 Ben Bernanke is no Paul Volcker
04/30/2008 Rationing
04/25/2008 Why Not Let the Markets Set Prices?
04/18/2008 The Collapse of America's Service Economy
04/11/2008 Brother Can You Spare 10 Grand?
04/04/2008 The Assault on Free Markets
03/28/2008 Bail me out Bennie
03/20/2008 Alice in Wonderland
03/14/2008 Viva La France – the Road to Hyperinflation
03/07/2008 They Just Don't Get it
02/29/2008 Hear Me Now - Believe Me Later
02/22/2008 Inflation: America's Greatest Export
02/15/2008 Upping the Inflation Dosage
02/08/2008 The Mother of all Bubbles
02/01/2008 More Salad, Less Twinkies
01/25/2008 Another One Bites the Dust
01/18/2008 A Modest Proposal
01/11/2008 It's Inflation Stupid
01/04/2008 Eyes Wide Shut
12/28/2007 Crunch Time for American Consumers
12/21/2007 Not Your Father's Deflation
12/14/2007 More Gasoline on the Fire
12/06/2007 The Mother of All Bad Ideas
11/30/2007 The End of Consumer Credit As We Know It
11/23/2007 Heads We Win, Tails You Lose
11/16/2007 Subprime Consumers
11/09/2007 From Main Street to Wall Street
11/01/2007 They've Got to be Kidding
10/26/2007 Send in the Clowns
10/19/2007 Prices are the Cart, Money Supply is the Horse
10/12/2007 Why a Weak Dollar Hurts U.S. Manufacturers
10/05/2007 Are There Too Many Dollar Bears?
09/28/2007 Stagflation Revisited
09/21/2007 Helicopter Ben Earns His Wings
09/14/2007 American Consumers Losing Their Crown
09/07/2007 To Big to be Bailed Out
08/31/2007 The Writing is on the Wall
08/24/2007 It's a Shoe In
08/20/2007 Lenders Take the Jab, Borrowers Take the Knockout
08/10/2007 The Shoddiest Export
08/03/2007 It's the Fundamentals, Stupid
07/27/2007 What a Difference a Week Makes!
07/20/2007 Sorry Ben, the Buck Stops With You
07/13/2007 Time to Face the Music
07/09/2007 Will Japan Destroy the Yen to Save the Dollar?
06/28/2007 Subprime Shoes Continue to Drop
06/22/2007 Ain't No Yield High Enough
06/15/2007 Good Money After Bad
06/08/2007 What Do Stocks Have to Do With the Price of Pork in China?
06/01/2007 When Will All This Bad News Sink In?
05/25/2007 Is the Global Stock Market Exuberance Rational?
05/18/2007 Lipstick on a Pig
05/04/2007 Growth is in the Eye of the Beholder
04/27/2007 What Record High?
04/20/2007 Ding, Dong, The Witch Isn't Dead
04/13/2007 Perched Precariously on a Precipice
04/05/2007 No More Legs to Stand On
03/31/2007 How Blind Can They Be?
03/22/2007 Don't Uncork the Champagne Just Yet
03/14/2007 From the Sub-Prime to the Ridiculous
03/09/2007 The Worst is Far From Over
02/23/2007 Is the Fed Finally Losing its Creditability?
02/15/2007 Selling Our Cows to Buy Milk
02/09/2007 Irrational Exuberance in China
02/02/2007 Not Much Left to Protect
01/26/2007 Higher Interest Rates Mean Trouble Ahead
01/19/2007 Don't Forget the "Gold" in "Goldilocks"
01/12/2007 How Low Can Oil Prices Go?
01/05/2007 More Consumption Less Production
12/29/2006 Wall Street Spin-Meisters At it Again
12/22/2006 Sub-Prime Disaster in the Making
12/15/2006 Ben and Hank's Not So Excellent Adventure
12/08/2006 What's Really Going on With Bonds?
11/30/2006 Americans Will Shop Till Their Dollars Drop
11/24/2006 The U.S. Dollar is This Week's Biggest Turkey
11/17/2006 Historical Norms Don't Apply
11/09/2006 Don't Bet on Gridlock
10/27/2006 Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt
10/20/2006 Don't Get Excited About CPI and Housing Data
10/13/2006 Let's Get Real About Deficits
10/06/2006 Don't Buy the Dow's New High
09/28/2006 Did he really say that?
09/21/2006 Profit From the Big Drop In Oil Prices
09/15/2006 The End of Gold's Bull Market? Not!
09/01/2006 Peter Schiff vs Art Laffer
08/25/2006 Real Estate's Crash Landing
08/18/2006 The Bond Market Has it Wrong
08/11/2006 The Fed's Big Bluff
08/04/2006 The Pause That Will Not Refresh
07/28/2006 Are "Gold Bugs" Unpatriotic?
07/21/2006 Slower Growth Will Not Contain Inflation
07/14/2006 Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
07/07/2006 Stagflation Reality Sets In
06/29/2006 The Reality of Stagflation
06/23/2006 The Paradox of Housing
06/15/2006 What Happened to Gold?
06/08/2006 Deja Vu All Over Again
06/01/2006 Not So Dynamic Duo
05/26/2006 Higher Interest Rates Won't Help The Dollar
05/19/2006 Live by the "Core," Die by the "Core."
05/15/2006 China's War Time Economy
05/06/2006 Would You Like Ketchup With That Hat?
05/02/2006 Cool Hand Steve
04/25/2006 Top Ten Signs of a Precious Metals Bubble
04/21/2006 Not Your Father's Housing Market
04/14/2006 Peter Schiff Interviews Jimmy Rogers
04/07/2006 The Egg Man
03/31/2006 Biting the Hand that Feeds You
03/24/2006 Gold is Not Another Currency
03/16/2006 A Tale of Two Farmers
03/10/2006 Monetary Hara-Kiri
03/03/2006 Hi-Ho Silver; Gold and Mining Shares to Follow
02/24/2006 Too Big to Burst
02/16/2006 Much Ado About Bernanke
02/10/2006 The Return of the Long Bond
02/02/2006 Let's Bury Greenspan, Not Praise Him
01/27/2006 Gold's Rise is No Conundrum
01/19/2006 Wall Street Spin Doctors at Work
01/13/2006 The Illusion of a Rising Dow
01/06/2006 Dollar Gets New Year Mark Down
12/23/2005 Whistling Past Graveyards
12/16/2005 The Dollar Breaks Down
12/08/2005 Bernanke Confuses Depression Cure With Disease
12/02/2005 The Fallacy of Consumption
11/25/2005 $500 Gold and Interest Rates
11/18/2005 With Real Estate, This Time It Really Is Different
11/10/2005 The Rise of the Dollar.com
11/04/2005 So Far Not So Good
10/27/2005 "Helicopter Ben" is no Paul Volcker
10/20/2005 Figures Lie and Liars Figure
10/13/2005 Gold Versus the Stock Market
10/07/2005 Wall Street Wakes Up
09/30/2005 Attention, Miners: The Canary is Dead!
09/22/2005 Hurricane George is Heading Straight for Your Portfolio
09/16/2005 Gold or the Government: Which do you believe?
09/08/2005 The Real Lesson From Katrina
09/01/2005 Nothing Saved For A Rainy Day
08/25/2005 Home Equity Is Not Savings
08/17/2005 Getting to the "Core" of Inflation Propaganda
08/05/2005 China's Bell Tolls Louder. Are You Listening?
07/28/2005 China's Peg Was America's Crutch
07/21/2005 Why Says No One Rings A Bell?
07/13/2005 Trade Deficit Puts Dollar Back in the Spot Light
07/05/2005 Housing Speculation Is More Rampant Than You Think
06/27/2005 Theater of the Absurd
06/17/2005 Gold's Trifecta Reveals Dollar's Status
06/15/2005 2005 CPI Rising at its Fastest Pace in 15 Years
06/10/2005 The Expectations Game
06/06/2005 Gold & Oil Could Force Surprise ECB Rate Hike
06/03/2005 U.S. Dollar Denominated Investments: Conservative?
05/27/2005 The Powerful Case for Investing in Foreign Equities
05/18/2005 Pro-Forma CPI or Let's Pretend There's No Inflation
05/12/2005 Plasma Televisions Are Not Buggy Whips
05/04/2005 Treasury to Re-Issue 30-Year Bonds, Any Takers?
04/29/2005 CNBC's Kudlow Needs a Refresher Course in Econ 101
04/22/2005 Greenspan, Be Careful What You Wish For
04/20/2005 Still Not Convinced There's A Real Estate Bubble...Read This
04/12/2005 Record Trade Deficit Despite Lower Dollar
04/06/2005 Hello, Inflation is not Good for the Dollar
04/01/2005 Greenspan's Real Conundrum: Stagflation
03/29/2005 Even Stephen Roach Has It Wrong
03/24/2005 If You Think Higher Interest Rates Will Help the Dollar, Think Again!
03/18/2005 The U.S. Dollar's Days as The World's Reserve Currency are Numbered
03/09/2005 The U.S. Economy is as Vulnerable as Ever to an Oil-Shock
03/04/2005 Strong Employment Numbers Portend Worsening Economic Imbalances
03/02/2005 Greenspan Walks Policy Tightrope
02/17/2005 Greenspan Tells More Whoppers
02/16/2005 Greenspan Feigns Confusion Over A No-brainer
02/15/2005 Strong Retail Sales Reflect Inflation Not Growth
02/11/2005 CNBC Redefines the Word "Sacrifice"
02/08/2005 Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Do Not A Mania Make

ARCHIVE for John Browne, Senior Market Strategist


06/25/2010 Suiting Up for a Post-Dollar World
05/28/2010 Uncertainty Reigns Supreme
05/21/2010 Stormy Seas on the Atlantic
05/12/2010 Band-Aids for Everyone
05/05/2010 Gold Heats Up as Athens Burns
04/22/2010 Reports of Our Recovery Are Greatly Exaggerated
04/14/2010 Europe Fiddles, Gold Sizzles
03/31/2010 Mr. Hu, Tear Down This Wall!
03/24/2010 Bull Market or Just Bull?
03/09/2010 Unlocking the Jobs Dilemma
03/04/2010 The Dominos of Default
02/26/2010 Will the Pause Refresh?
02/17/2010 Paper Hangers
02/10/2010 Euro Trashed?
02/04/2010 Rewards Abroad
01/21/2010 Reflections across the Pond
01/11/2010 Things Fall Apart in Eurozone
01/05/2010 Annus Horribilis
12/16/2009 As Good As Gold
12/02/2009 Mirage in the Desert
11/25/2009 Big Players Get Physical with Gold
11/18/2009 Country at a Crossroads
11/11/2009 A Toxic Cocktail
11/04/2009 Boasting of Glory
10/29/2009 Inflation by Stealth
10/15/2009 U.S. Stock Markets Disconnected from Reality
09/16/2009 Bullish Stance Wears Thin
09/10/2009 Money Talks, Gold Shouts
09/01/2009 Bernanke's Victory Lap
08/19/2009 American Spirit Emerging
08/05/2009 The Thrill of a Lifetime?
07/23/2009 Skating on Thin Ice
07/16/2009 Bad for the Goose, Worse for the Gander
07/08/2009 Dead Cat Bounce
07/01/2009 Buying On Spec
06/25/2009 Not Green Shoots - Just Falling Leaves
06/17/2009 Flying Kites
05/27/2009 False Confidence
05/20/2009 The Sleepwalkers Rally
05/12/2009 Socialism Coming Back to Haunt U.S.
05/07/2009 China Stirs a Pot of Gold
04/30/2009 Stress Tests are Not Stressful Enough
04/23/2009 Too Big to Survive
04/16/2009 Partners in Crime
04/08/2009 What Really Happened in London
04/01/2009 Decoupling Set to Increase
03/18/2009 A Test of Wills
03/11/2009 Reports of Profits While Banks Fail
03/06/2009 The Best of Times, The Worst of Times for U.S. Dollar
02/25/2009 Sickness May Be Cure For U.S. Economy
02/19/2009 Gold Climbs As Economic Catastrophe
02/10/2009 Pelosi Stimulus Casts Shadow Over Obama, America, World
02/05/2009 The Road to Bank Nationalization
01/21/2009 Smaller Stimulus Leaves Room for Restructuring
01/14/2009 Price Gap Portends Gold Price Boom
01/07/2009 Government Panic Could Herald Dollar Panic
01/05/2009 Bonds in 2009: A Tough Call
12/19/2008 2009 - Likely Vintage Year for Gold
12/11/2008 Congress Votes for Misemployment
12/04/2008 An Historic Challenge for New Leadership
11/26/2008 Deleveraging Pushes Up the Dollar
11/19/2008 China Plays a Better Long Term Hand
11/12/2008 China Gets It Right, But Hurts America
11/05/2008 Obama to the Rescue?
10/31/2008 Reality Dawning
10/22/2008 A Missed Opportunity
10/16/2008 U.S. Economy Still on Life Support
10/08/2008 Congress Charges Commission
09/24/2008 Too Little Too Late
09/15/2008 The Price of Nationalization
09/04/2008 In the Eye of the Storm
08/27/2008 Who Will Suffer Least From Depression?
08/13/2008 Set to Soar or Swoon?
08/06/2008 The Fed's Next Move is Down
07/31/2008 The Cost of Socialism
07/23/2008 No Bottom Yet for Failing Financials
07/17/2008 Don't Buy the Head Fake
07/09/2008 Stagflation Sightings Multiple
06/27/2008 Cheerleaders Will Face Reality, Eventually
06/18/2008 G-8 Fails to Sound the Charge
06/11/2008 The Next Big Spending Spree
06/05/2008 Soaking Them at Harvard
05/29/2008 The Statistical Battleground
05/13/2008 The "BRICs" (and Mortar) of the New Global Economy
04/22/2008 Earnings Speak Clearly
04/14/2008 The Problems Spread
04/01/2008 Paulson's Civic Robbery to Finance Hyper Inflation
03/27/2008 Can This Rally Last?
03/12/2008 Why the Rich Are Getting Poorer

ARCHIVES for Neeraj Chaudhary, Investment Consultant

06/17/2010 Chinese Workers Force the Issue
06/03/2010 Key Indicators of a New Depression

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