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06/09/2010 New Financial world 2012 and the End of Days
06/02/2010 Getting Ready for the Next Big Crash
05/19/2010 Euro Crisis Totally out of control? Implications
05/05/2010 Interesting times, and stepping up the game
04/22/2010 The Next Crisis. And the next…and havens
04/07/2010 Alert that Euro on verge of real crisis
03/25/2010 Will the USD continue rallying?
03/11/2010 Biggest question for the next two months
01/28/2010 Second leg crash, what's next in 2010?
12/29/2009 USD collapse 2012 and the end of the world as we know it
10/28/2009 USD Future and a World Currency
10/22/2009 Monetizing the markets, the next stage? Gold implications
10/15/2009 Transition point - Whither the USD, gold, and Dow?
09/30/2009 Times of Uncertainty – risk hedges
09/16/2009 Gold acting as a currency
09/09/2009 USD Clamor; The USD won't go quietly
08/27/2009 Prelude to stagflation? Transition from crisis to stagflation
08/06/2009 USD Situation: September / October Rumors
07/29/2009 A One World Currency is Inevitable
02/18/2009 Why Gold Rallying in all currencies
01/27/2009 World economy leads to currency instability and strong gold
01/15/2009 World demand collapse, bonds next
01/07/2009 Flight to safety in 09, USD, Gold, Euro, Yen
12/17/2008 Central Bank Quantitative measures to boost gold in 09
12/11/2008 Why gold should recover significantly in 2009
12/04/2008 Trade and Currency tensions in 09
11/20/2008 World Demand collapsing
11/06/2008 Tough Sledding Ahead - Surviving a coming USD Collapse
10/23/2008 What's going on with gold, gold stocks, Euro and USD?
10/16/2008 Central banks failing to solve crisis – Depression on the way
10/09/2008 About financial safety
09/30/2008 Deleveraging, Debt deflation, Gold
09/17/2008 What Just happened with AIG
09/05/2008 Gold USD Euro, why the USD is rallying
08/25/2008 Credit crisis II, a world financial Armageddon?
08/15/2008 USD seismic shift
07/17/2008 Danger, danger period 08 09 part 2
06/19/2008 Dangers � Danger period 2008 and 2009
06/11/2008 Forced Commodity liquidations coming?
05/21/2008 Gold market shifts focus to inflation
05/14/2008 Inflation Deflation chaotic mix
05/01/2008 Bear Rescue reversed gold
04/17/2008 Inflation and stagflation, Euro, gold, and Asia
03/14/2008 Gold says that Central Banks fail to stop world deleveraging
03/07/2008 USD, Euro, Yen, Gold, Commodities
02/28/2008 Time to ask a few good questions about your interest rates
02/21/2008 Bottomless financial pits
02/14/2008 The other option, Crossing the Rubicon
01/31/2008 Depression 2.0
01/23/2008 Synthetic dollar short
01/10/2008 Stagflation, gold, currencies and oil
12/21/2007 Markets in Denial
12/11/2007 Peak Everything?
11/14/2007 Monster Western Credit Crisis: Prelude to a Depression
11/08/2007 Will Gold Hold Onto Its Gains?
10/04/2007 CB Inflation Quandary - Gold
09/29/2007 Gold Rockets on USD Troubles
08/23/2007 Will Credit Crisis Calm Down Before the Real Stock Crash?
08/21/2007 Time is Short - Credit Crisis Does Not Abate
08/14/2007 Emerging Markets, Commodities, USD - Deleveraging
08/10/2007 Full Blown Liquidity Crisis Hits Gold and Stocks
07/25/2007 Yen Rising and USD Bottoming - Gold & Liquidity
07/03/2007 Sub Prime Woes USD, Gold and Liquidity
06/26/2007 Yen Carry Alert - Gold and Financial Markets
06/19/2007 Interest Rates, Currencies and Gold
06/06/2007 Are World Bubbles Peaking?
05/30/2007 What is Happening with Gold?
05/22/2007 Significant Changes for the Yuan and the Yen Are in the Winds
05/09/2007 Time to Get Liquid?
05/01/2007 Stock Crashes to Lead to Serious Recession
04/19/2007 Are We Ready for Another Yen Carry Stock Flue?
04/04/2007 Iran-Iran-Iran
03/27/2007 China to Take Down World Markets
03/14/2007 World Liquidity Crisis Emerging
03/06/2007 The Damage Has Been Done
02/27/2007 General Market Sell-off Possible this Week
02/22/2007 First Inflation then Deflation - Financial Crash
02/15/2007 Gold at a Short Term Inflection Point
01/25/2007 Gold in New Bull Phase
01/17/2007 Gold Ready to Retest 640
01/09/2007 Stay With Gold
01/02/2007 Rumblings of Euro Discontent
12/20/2006 USD - '07 A Final Year?
12/13/2006 USD Shoe About to Drop?
11/27/2006 Time for Extreme Caution
11/11/2006 Gold Fear Premium Returning vs. Economic Slowing
11/08/2006 Gold Short-Term Bear Over -- Gold Detaching from CRB?
10/31/2006 Post US Election anti investment pussyfooting
10/25/2006 Massive Geo PoliticalStrife to Buttress Gold?
10/19/2006 Gold Influences
10/12/2006 Search for Yield and Gold
10/06/2006 Gold Redux
09/21/2006 What is Going on With Gold? - Speculative Froth
09/14/2006 Gold 'Correction'?
08/30/2006 Expectation of US Recession a Hand Over Gold Market
08/15/2006 Coming Stock Drops
08/07/2006 Pending Market Liquidations
07/30/2006 Dark New Day
07/21/2006 Gold Showing Weakness
07/10/2006 Gold and Stock Cream Out
07/06/2006 Japan to Raise Interest Rates - Gold
06/24/2006 What Would Happen if the USD Collapsed?
06/15/2006 The BIG Gold Picture
05/31/2006 World Markets About to Crash Together?
05/17/2006 Inflation Adjusted Gold Price, 230 Gold,
05/16/2006 Huge Gold Action and Earth-Shaking Change Imminent
04/26/2006 Final Days of US Dollar?
04/18/2006 World Interest Rates are Determining the Price of Gold
04/06/2006 Comments on Gold Confiscation and ETFs
03/20/2006 Massive World Speculation Dominos
03/09/2006 Silver ETFs, ETFs and World Banking Crisis
03/03/2006 World Interest Rates Rising
02/22/2006 Yen Carry Trade to Unwind: Market Crash Alert
02/13/2006 The Real Gold Price: Inflation-Adjusted Gold
02/06/2006 Inflation Does Not Avert Deflation
01/20/2006 Stock Crash Alert
01/12/2006 2006 World Stock Speculation Bulls
01/0620/06 ETFs Are Not Real Assets
12/16/2005 Rise in Yen Stopped Gold's Rise
12/11/2005 Financial Crisis Looming?
12/05/2005 Good US Economic Statistics are Not What They Appear
11/17/2005 You Can't Cheat An Honest Man
11/11/2005 Disasters DO Happen
11/04/2005 Inflation Does Not Solve Deflation
10/17/2005 US Dollar Bear/Bull
10/04/2005 How A US Currency Crisis Could Unfold
09/25/2005 Debt Offset Inflation
09/19/2005 There is no 'Money' in Wealth Preservation
09/13/2005 Black Box
08/27/2005 Is the US Economy Turning?

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