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This archive represents material prior to June 30, 2010. For more recent content please see new location at FinancialSense.com.

Market Observation Archive


05/24/2010 Oh Yes They Did!
03/16/2010 Smoke, Mirrors, SDRs and Gold
02/16/2010 All Roads Lead to Goldman Sachs
01/14/2010 Russian-Roulette
11/12/2009 On Doing God's Work
10/15/2009 Blight on Humanity Addendum
10/09/2009 Central Banking: A Blight On Humanity
10/01/2009 The Game Has Changed – The Achilles Heel Exposed
09/11/2009 Crude Reality – A Closer Look at the Almost Perfect Crime
08/31/2009 Interest Rate Cosa Nostra
08/04/2009 The Elephant in the Room: More Pieces of the Puzzle
06/12/2009 The Bush Doctrine, Economic Warfare and Your Investment Portfolio
05/29/2009 U.S. Gold, Going or Completely Gone?
05/13/2009 Forensic Examination of the Gold Carry Trade
04/30/2009 Can Pigs Really Fly?
04/03/2009 Humpty - Dumpty Fiat Sat on the Wall… You Know the Rest!
03/17/2009 The Real Ponzi Scheme – "Unreal Interest Rates"
02/02/2009 We've All Been Had
01/20/2009 Questions Begging Answers
01/09/2009 In Fraud We Trust
12/22/2008 Whether Or Not We Like It
12/08/2008 Backwardation: Facts from Fiction
10/29/2008 Plumbing the Depths of Depravity
10/03/2008 The Invisible Hand and the Pox Known as Usury
09/18/2008 Special Status and the $138 Billion Riddle?
08/19/2008 A Slippery Slope
07/07/2008 Attraction Is In the Eye of the Beholder
06/19/2008 Something[s] That Need To Be Said
04/17/2008 The Inside Scoop On Libor
02/22/2008 Derelicts and Their Derivatives
02/15/2008 Numbers That Do Not Add Up
02/13/2008 Getting A Handle On Inflation
01/30/2008 Myth vs. Reality
01/04/2008 Fiction at its Finest
12/13/2007 The Invisible Hand
10/28/2007 A National Disgrace
10/19/2007 Who Bought What?
09/25/2007 The Genesis of OTC Interest Rate Derivatives
07/26/2007 Understanding the Great Disconnect
07/24/2007 Money Supply Musings
07/19/2007 Doing What it Takes
07/09/2007 LTCM Revisited - A Forensic Account
06/19/2007 Golden Fleeced
05/30/2007 The BMO Follies, the Mainstream Media and More
05/18/2007 Derivative Disaster - Deriving the Truth
03/04/2007 The Flat Earth Society
02/23/2007 Deep Storage, Deeper Holes, Deepest of Trouble
02/06/2007 Dead Presidents' Society
01/18/2007 Economics Forensics 101
12/18/2006 This Must Stop!
12/13/2006 Letter to the Editor
12/06/2006 A Tale in Three E-Mails
11/29/2006 A Weekend at Bernanke's
11/16/2006 They All Rolled Over and One Fell Out
11/01/2006 A Few Words On A Major Taxation Event In Canada
10/30/2006 Failure to Deliver or "Deliverance"?
10/24/2006 Out of India
10/18/2006 A Swap Story: Borrowed From The Bank of England
10/12/2006 The Fudge Factory
10/06/2006 The Honey Pot
09/18/2006 The War on Liberty
09/13/2006 Everyone Loves A Parade
08/10/2006 The Ibbotson Report Revisited
07/07/2006 Round Tripping
06/20/2006 The Fool's Overture: Casual Conversations
06/15/2006 Addendum to The Oil That Greases the Squeaky Wheel of Peak Oil
06/14/2006 The Oil That Greases The Squeaky Wheel of Peak Oil
05/19/2006 Pound Pilfering Pirates
05/10/2006 The Root of All Evil
03/23/2006 Who Needs Al Capone?
03/18/2006 The Boxer
02/21/2006 They Only Fix What's Broken
02/17/2006 The Tail That Wags The Dog
02/08/2006 Hollywood, Inc.
01/29/2006 The Times They Are A-Changing
01/21/2006 Consistently Inconsistent or A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
01/16/2006 The Looming Fiat Currency Train Wreck
01/11/2006 Snake Oil, Carnies and Four Flat Tires
12/29/2005 The End of The Innocence
12/19/2005 Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
12/16/2005 The Golden Globes - From Dawson City to ROB TV with Bruce Stratton
12/13/2005 The Grand Illusion
11/10/2005 How You Discover a Pirate's Cover
10/25/2005 Anecdotal Asides: Rubber Hits the Road and PVC Hits the Pavement -- Face First
09/23/2005 The Other Price of Gold?
09/06/2005 An Overused Worn Out Cliché
09/02/2005 Inflation Beyond One Nation
08/05/2005 A Stroke of Genius!
07/15/2005 From Pinches and Paradox to Bear Raids and Goldilocks on Realty Reality
07/07/2005 The Fog of Reporting
06/24/2005 Smoking Gun?
06/20/2005 The Other Side of the Mountain on Realty Reality
06/06/2005 Who's On First?
05/26/2005 The Anatomy of a Fictional Hedge Fund Collapse
05/18/2005 Pirates Reprise
04/07/2005 Double Jeopardy: Gold Sales, the I.M.F., and Africa
04/01/2005 Baby One More Time / Oops!...I Did It Again
03/18/2005 Pirates of the Caribbean
03/06/2005 Calvinism, Pro-Hockey, Condo Fever & Inflating Piggy Banks on Realty Reality
03/04/2005 Send In The Clowns
03/01/2005 Fannie'sFarcical 40 Year Mortgages... on R. Reality
02/20/2005 Four Fed Hikes and a Funeral
02/11/2005 A Horse of a Different Color [Lucrative Patriotism on Realty Reality
02/03/2005 Activism,Effrontery and Moral Decay onRealty Reality
01/08/2005 Dear Mr. Spitzer on Realty Reality on Realty Reality
01/08/2005 Moscow On The Hudson
11/23/2004 Burning Down The House on Realty Reality
11/17/2004 To GSE or Not to GSE?on Realty Reality
10/22/2004 Fairy Tale: Falling on Your Royal Fannie on Realty Reality
10/20/2004 The Numbers Never Lie: (MOC)
10/18/2004 Chinese Proverbs on Realty Reality
10/20/2004 Martha and The Christmas Muffins on Realty Reality
10/11/2004 Canaries and Coal Mines
10/08/2004 You Are What You Eat?
10/02/2004 Welcome to the Looney Tunes on Realty Reality
09/30/2004 Franklin's Fine Feathered Flipping Fiasco on Realty Reality
09/29/2004 A Tale of Three Tailors
09/23/2004 There'sNo Place Like Home! on Realty Reality
09/03/2004 Play It Again, Sam
09/01/2004 Rising Rates: With A Huff & A Puff... on Realty Reality
09/01/2004 Why Reform Movements areNecessary
08/25/2004 Where Dogs Get Their Names
08/21/2004 My Neighbor's Dog Spot
08/19/2004 You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore on Realty Reality

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