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07/01/2010 Sultans of Swap: BP Potentially More Devastating than Lehman!
06/17/2010 Extend & Pretend: A Matter of National Security
06/10/2010 Extend & Pretend: A Guide to the Road Ahead
06/02/2010 Confirming the Flash Crash Omen
05/28/2010 Extend & Pretend: Its either RICO Act or Control Fraud
05/21/2010 Euro Experiment: German Steel or Schmucks?
05/14/2010 Euro Experiment: EU Bullied into $1T Banking Bonanza
05/07/2010 Extend & Pretend: Shifting Risk to the Innocent
04/30/2010 Extend & Pretend: Uncle Sam, You Sly Devil!
04/23/2010 Extend & Pretend: Is the US facing a Cash Crunch?
04/16/2010 Extend & Pretend: Gaming the US Tax Payer
04/09/2010 Extend & Pretend: Manufacturing a Minsky Melt-Up
04/02/2010 Extend & Pretend: Hitting the Maturity Wall
03/26/2010 Sultans of Swap: Act III - The Getaway!
03/19/2010 Sultans of Swap: Act II - The Sting!
03/12/2010 Sultans of Swap: Smoking Guns & the Sting!
03/04/2010 Sultans of Swap: Fearing the Gearing!
02/24/2010 Sultans of Swap
02/16/2010 Ur All Pigs From Hell!
02/03/2010 America - Innovate or Die!
01/29/2010 Extend and Pretend

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