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by Joseph Dancy, LSGI Advisors, Inc.

Adjunct Professor, SMU School of Law
February 7, 2004

We were interviewed on our market outlook by several news organizations last month after our analysis of the natural gas sector was published on and on Jim Puplava�s Financial Sense website.

One journalist asked us what unexpected trends or events we might see in the next two or three years � events that will surprise most governmental and business leaders in the U.S. � and how they might impact investors. The following is our reply:

Individuals and investors in the energy, precious metals, security, drugs and health care, military area of the high technology sector, and commodity sector do very well. Many others do not. The divide between the �haves� and �have-nots� in the U.S. will continue to grow.

© 2004 Joseph Dancy

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