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4Rs: Realty Reality Recommended Reading with Editorial Comment


12/30/2005 4Rs Pushing on Strings and Tugging on Rubber Bands
12/21/2005 4Rs Spotlight on Dr. Edwin Vieira: A Federal Affaire
12/19/2005 4Rs New Street Hustle & Catch 'Em If You Can! Part 2!
12/16/2005 4Rs New Street Hustle & Catch 'Em If You Can!
12/13/2005 4Rs Ponzi Finance, Junque Bonds, and Buicks
12/09/2005 4Rs Nah, There's No Real Estate Bubble, Virginia!
12/09/2005 4Rs Pipes, Filters, and the Monetary Food Chain, Part 1
11/16/2005 4Rs FED Cancels BMW's M3! -- And Ends Real Estate Bubble!
10/27/2005 4Rs From Gutenberg to Bernanke
10/21/2005 4Rs Another Fine Mess, Big Al
10/12/2005 4Rs The Corporate Transfer
10/11/2005 4Rs Top Cat at the Fed
10/05/2005 4Rs Real Estate and the Money Supply
09/21/2005 4Rs Just Wait - More Insanity Is Yet To Come!
08/03/2005 4Rs Bubbles Anyone?
05/23/2005 4Rs Dodging the Tax Assessor
05/09/2005 4Rs Garbage In, Garbage Out
05/03/2005 4Rs Another Day in the Housing Bubble from Bob Jones
05/02/2005 4Rs Nightmare on Constitution Ave or Another Argentina with Nukes?
04/29/2005 4Rs Who's Picking Up the Tab? from Rob Kirby
04/28/2005 4Rs Waking Up to a Bad Hair Day, Mr. Kondratiev?
04/27/2005 4Rs Original Sin and the Three Faces of Evil
04/26/2005 4Rs Customlines, Crown Victorias, and 5-Cent Cokes
04/19/2005 4Rs Mumbo Jumbo
04/19/2005 4Rs A Farewell to ARMs, the Ship of Fools, and the FDIC
04/08/2005 4Rs Appraisal Inflation and Where are the Loan Loss Reserves? and 4Rs Little Pieces of Ice Keep Falling Off This Sucker
04/04/2005 4Rs House of Cards? Nahhhh! -- A House of Paper!
04/01/2005 4Rs Lobotomized Geese
03/31/2005 4Rs Appraisal Fraud: So What Else is New, Pal?
03/23/2005 4Rs How to Make a Buck in Real Estate
03/22/2005 4Rs Gazing Into Murky Crystal Balls
03/21/2005 4Rs Measured Paces to the Guillotine
03/17/2005 4Rs Walking on the Wild Side or Beware the Ides of March
03/15/2005 4Rs Where's a Good Flipper When You Need One?
03/08/2005 4Rs Whad U Mean Tsunami? Housing Bubble? Huh?
03/04/2005 4Rs How I Made a Dollar [$1] in Real Estate!
03/03/2005 4Rs $11.8 Billion in Losses and Counting!
03/02/2005 4Rs The Case of the Abating Conundrum... by Rob Kirby
03/02/2005 4Rs The Dinner Party Index
02/24/2005 4Rs Fat Fanny Falls Out of Bed
02/16/2005 4Rs All Aboard! with Gale Bullock, editor & Larry Levy
02/10/2005 4Rs It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking
02/09/2005 4Rs Economic Dots in History - A Search for Collateral by Ole Bear
01/24/2005 4Rs It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Financial World
01/20/2005 4Rs Homework Assignment
01/19/2005 4Rs The Dog Ate My Dividends
01/18/2005 4Rs Send In The Clowns
01/10/2005 4Rs That Pesky Little Word: Real Estate and The Financial Guillotine
01/07/2005 4Rs Monetary Destruction Case Study
01/06/2005 4Rs Fanny Watch We've Only Just Begun
01/05/2005 4Rs Creative Derivative Accounting and Swapping Peanuts for Watermelons
01/04/2005 4Rs The 3.9% Solution, Fast Jessie & Fannie Mae Contributions + more
12/30/2004 4Rs Part 1 and Part 2
12/29/2004 4Rs Too Big to Audit
12/28/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch The Kat In The Hat Just Won't Leave
12/27/2004 4Rs The Emperor's New Clothes
12/21/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch When It Raines, It Pours OR The Dean Martin "Roasts"
12/20/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch What An Absolute Mess
12/17/2004 4Rs Nine Billion Bucks Buys a lot of Fudge
12/14/2004 4Rs Poplar Tree Mechanics and Un-Patriot Act III
12/07/2004 4Rs The Predators and Russian Roulette
12/04/2004 4Rs Bubble Day + More
12/03/2004 4Rs Home Values Built on Rotten Foundations
11/30/2004 4Rs Global Wildcat Finance & The Forfeiture of Illicit Gains
11/29/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch 4+ Recommended Articles
11/23/2004 4Rs 2 Recommended Articles
11/23/2004 4Rs Economic Fascism & The Avalanche is Coming
11/22/2004 4Rs Realty Reality Commentaries by W. Bishop Jordon & Ole Bear, Editor
11/20/2004 4Rs Fanny Mae Warns of $9 Billion Loss
11/19/2004 4Rs 2 Articles on Mortgages & ARMs
10/14/2004 4Rs 5 Articles Referred
10/14/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch Our National Soap Opera Continues
10/14/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch 6 Articles Referred "The Flying Pig Award"
10/12/2004 4Rs 5 Articles Referred
10/11/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch 2 Articles Referred
10/07/2004 4Rs National Soap Opera 3 Articles
10/06/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch 4 Articles Referred
10/05/2004 4Rs Fanny Watch Why Fannie Mae's Boss Wants John Kerry to Win
10/04/2004 4Rs Looser Lending & Squeeze Play
10/01/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: Justice Department Investigating Fannie Mae: Report
09/30/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: Mr. Bailout
09/29/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: 6 Articles on Fannie Mae and More
09/27/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: 6 Articles on Fannie
09/27/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: The Trials and Tribulations of Risk Intermediation Folly
09/24/2004 4Rs Here's What Happens If You Don't Play The Credit Game
09/24/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: More on Fannie & Freddie (3 articles)
09/23/2004 4Rs Scandal Shakes Fannie Mae (2 articles)
09/21/2004 4Rs FANNIE WATCH: Fannie Mae's Board Briefed on Troubles
09/20/2004 4Rs Bubble Trouble - real estate will make you rich, eh?...
09/18/2004 4Rs FBI: Mortgage Fraud is Rampant in US with Comments
09/18/2004 4Rs Fooled by Numbers...Income Tax...Complacency (3)
09/16/2004 4Rs The Federal Reserve: Its Origins, History & Current Strategy
09/02/2004 4Rs Fannie Mae's 2004 URAR Test Form: Opening Up Pandora's Box
08/31/2004 4Rs Easy Money and Loose Standards (3 articles)
08/27/2004 4Rs Fiat's Reprieve: Saving the System
08/26/2004 4Rs Social Decay, Central Banks & Boom & Bust
08/20/2004 4Rs What Jane & Joe Need to Know
08/11/2004 4Rs Rule Ties Lenders to Appraisals
08/06/2004 4Rs The Pending Monetary Crisis
07/30/2004 4Rs Two Recommended Economic Editorials
07/22/2004 4Rs Indebted Spendthrifts
07/21/2004 4Rs The Mystery of Central Banking
07/19/2004 4Rs Monetizing Envy and America's Housing Bubble
07/17/2004 4Rs So, where is the collateral?
07/16/2004 4Rs Appraisals Misused in Missouri Fraud Scheme
07/15/2004 4Rs Global Property Bubble Part 1
07/10/2004 4Rs Appraisers can burst your bubble by inflating the value of your home
07/09/2004 4Rs Why Home Prices are the Next Bubble
07/08/2004 4Rs Freddie Mac's Impending Fiasco
07/06/2004 4Rs Where Would Jesus Bank? by Catherine Austin Fitts

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