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4Rs for December 14, 2004

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by Gale Bullock aka Ole Bear, Realty Reality - Global Real Estate Markets Forum. December 14, 2004

Poplar Tree Mechanics and Un-Patriot Act III
Welcome to the Dangerous World of Real Estate
by Ole Bear

Mitsubishi Carmaker

BMW Carmaker

Out of the Ashes, the Phoenix rises...?

Vote on 9/11 Bill, December 7, 1941? or December 7, 2004?

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Poplar Tree Mechanics and Un-Patriot Act III
An Insider Sneak Attack! -- the Implications for Realty, The US Constitution, and The Republic

BB-39, USS Arizona

Japanese Mitubishi Zero

Empire Navy Ensign

Battleship Row - 7th Pacific Fleet

Shams and Scams

This New 9/11 Bill sounds like a Scam against The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a Full Frontal Assault Against Private Property Rights to me. Non-Patriot Acts 1 and 2 were pretty bad when the politicos voted on this nasty stuff without reading it, nearly two and three years ago. December 7th, marks the 63rd Anniversary of the Empire of Japan's Military Blunder attacking the Naval and Army Air Corps of the united states in America at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii early on that Infamous Sunday Morning. It is interesting to note that Mitsubishi, now an automaker, much like BMW [making planes for WWI in Germany] -- had Mitsubishi name plates on all those Jap Zeroes flying around Pearl Harbor and Hawaii on that fateful day -- and are now the makers of 4-wheeled critters that ply the American Financial Road, just like the Propeller Logo of Bavarian Motor Works [per the treaty of Versailles, they could not make warplanes anymore!]. No, attacking the 7th Pacific US Navy Fleet wasn't the blunder -- not destroying the Fleet's Oil Reserves and finding the 4 Aircraft Carriers missing from Pearl, out on maneuvers, were the Snafu that Fateful Sunday. Financial Lesson Learned? There can be defeat in victory of the Phyrric Sort. Japan's surrender in WWII in Tokyo Bay in 1945 appears to have been a financial victory seeing as how they hold one of the keys to America's Financial Future -- these rascals buy a lot of US Treasury Bonds, like China and Russia.

Insider Attack on Real Estate

Today, Real Estate and the nice Folks on Main Street America are being attacked from the inside against the Founding Fathers' principles in the origins of The Republic. This reeks of FDR's planned strategy to goad the Empire of Japan into attacking the USA in the first place. Attacking and undermining the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a direct pre-emptive attack on Civil Liberty and Real Estate Ownership. It is a means of wealth transfer to Big Government and the Elitists Politicos who further their own interests and line their own pockets under the Federal Reserve central bank and a fraudulent debt backed money system. The implications of a National NeoCons ID system are unthinkable in The Republic where private property rights are inherent under the original tenets of the Founding Fathers of the Republic. This New NeoCon 9/11 Legislation, if approved, will ensure that the social capital state of wealth transfer from those that have a little [our Middle Class Folks who bear the burden of the IRS] to those that have nothing [who pay nothing or very little to the IRS, including most of those illegal aliens the Oval Office is allowing into the USA, Wink! Wink!], and to the Elitists who have all the rest [who also pay virtually nothing to the IRS, but belong to the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral, and the Carlysle Group]. Well, that includes the Bush, Clinton, and Rockefeller Families for a good start. Dear Reader, you might want to check and see if your Congressman or Senator belong to these New World Order Liberty Rigging Groups on your Main Street.

Let's Just Destroy the Working Stiffs, Huh? or Nasty Movie Plots!

This nefarious double entendre contrived and ill-conceived New 9/11 Rosemary's Baby Legislation will ultimately be the destruction of the working Middle Class in the united states in America. This, when combined with the Elitists gutting the manufacturing economy, sending our jobs off-shore, and the open border policies of several Presidential Administrations, which undermine our culture, language, history, money system, the rule of law, and economic freedom at the same time [as part of the Elitists' Plans] granting these illegals amnesty and a free social capital welfare lunch, is a pretty nasty movie plot. Let's take away your Civil Liberties and Property [Personal and Real] and just give it to some one else who wasn't previously born or naturalized here... You will notice I avoided the politico cliche "family values" which is a politically correct term to buy your vote, when the politicos don't give a rip about your families' values, since they are lining their pockets with your families' money! In Washington, DC politico-ease, "family values" are their license to steal with your vote.

This nasty movie plot includes the likes of 2nd Tier Central Bank Fannie Mae StepChild using money market fund intermediation plus Government Sponsored Down Payment Give Away Programs putting the Illegals and other miscreants in real estate that they probably cannot afford to begin with. These New World Order Politicos, however, feel that the American Middle Class can afford the social welfare capital base investment [wealth transfer] in Full Housing Opportunity. In case of a Fannie Mae/GSE default with the Federal Reserve as the lender of last resort bailing out the Big Boy Derivative Houses on Wall Street, which are the counter-parties to the Social Welfare Derivative Party at Fannie Mae and the GSEs, the obvious mindset is: "Don't worry, be happy." This Scenario is nothing but the Financial Rape and Pillage of an entire Nation of Main Streets, much like the Japanese Military and Economic Rape of China and Nanking prior to Pearl Harbor.

When you get too big for your britches!

When I was a little boy down in the Mississippi Delta I got a lot of spankings from my family elders when I got too big for my britches. It was called a poplar tree branch, that whipped real nice, and left a lot of welts on the skin. My last whipping was at the age of 16. When I got too big for my britches, didn't treat folks right, didn't use my manners, or was just a mean ole boy... I got sent out to the Poplar Tree to pick my own poison. Of course now, in this defunct day and age of political correctness, this isn't call discipline... it is called child abuse. Political correctness is a bunch of doublespeak and doublethink! Big Government is politically incorrect, and needs a whipping, Folks!

Big Government, which is too Big for its Britches, which passes needless legislation eroding the tenets of the Founding Fathers of This Republic, is a direct pre-emptive and pre-meditated assault against the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers of This Republic, and a direct assault on Civil Liberty and Private Property Rights [Real Estate] in every micro and macro realty market from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Tightwad, Missouri. Real Estate and Real Estate Values are so intertwined with Politics, it is not even funny or a laughing matter under the current symbiosis. What symbiosis? The Federal Reserve central banking system with Capitol Hill, the Oval Office, the US Treasury, and Wall Street. This symbiosis actually destroys free markets in a capitalistic society. A central banking system was one of the pillars of Engels and Marx's Communist Manifesto published in 1848. So, was the concept of Social Capital. This New NeoCon 9/11 Patriot Act Three legislation [which is not mentioned in the News Media today, last week, or last month or the past several months] is a direct assault on each and every American Family on Main Street America. It is also a direct assault on real estate. It's not a wonderful life, Sweet Reader!

The Dangerous World of Lady Catherine Austin Fitts Is Your World, Too!

In the Dangerous World of Catherine Austin Fitts, the Federal Reserve [forming the basis of legal tender fiat money] helps to underwrite the narco dollars economy, the drug running of the CIA, the $59 Billion Fraud at HUD, and now Rhinestone Cowboy Sporkin sent to ride herd over Fannie Mae keeping the fat cat in the bag.

With the lack of reporting in the Big Government Controlled Media, we doubt many folks on Main Street America will know much about this New NeoCon 9/11 Legislation until it is too late. There is a definitive lack of transparency in this evil totalitarian bill [Orwellian, did you read 1984, perhaps?] of 3,000+ pages that our Congressmen and Senators have not read. How can they in good conscious approve something they have not read? [Well, they have already done it twice already with Patriot Act 1 and Patriot Act 2, Folks!]

Folks, Raise a Ruckus! Your Private Property and Real Estate is at Stake!

Call your Congressmen and Senators today. Civil Liberty, The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the last vestiges of The Republic, private property and real property rights weigh in the balance. Simply put, our economic freedom is at stake. Big Government needs a very politically incorrect whipping right now. Our Founding Fathers would be happy to go select the intended switches for the intended recipients... I would be most happy to show 'em the best Poplar Tree for their intended selection... This is what I call Poplar Tree Mechanics, Folks!

Battleship Row, 7 December, 1941

© 2004 Gale Bullock

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