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2010 FSO Contributions

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06/28 What Flavor is Your Double Dip? by Paul Nolte
06/28 Why Another Depression Is NOT Off the Table by Thomas Au
06/28 For the Baby Busters, It's Downsize or Die by Richard Benson
06/28 Did the G-8 push us closer to Gold Confiscation? by Julian Phillips
06/28 Th*nk*ng (Awakenings) by Fred Cederholm
06/25 Will the Gold Price Rise Short-Term? by Julian Phillips
06/25 Deepwater Horizon and Pandora’s Box by Cris Sheridan
06/25 The Doctor and the Dealman: An Energy Update by David Galland
06/25 Does the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico Herald... by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
06/25 Bull or Bear Market Rules? by Carl Swenlin
06/25 The Gulf Oil Disaster by J. R. Nyquist
06/24 For the Last Time, Is Gold in a Bubble? by Jeff Clark
06/23 We Cannot Afford to Double Dip by Alex Daley
06/23 DJIA's 200-Day Moving Average by Elliott Wave Int.
06/23 Simply Outrageous by Richard Loomis
06/23 Uranium, Lithium, and Rare Earth Metals: Investing for the Future by Cris Sheridan
06/22 Peak Production in Haynesville by Bill Powers
06/22 Architecture for a New World Financial System by Antal Fekete
06/21 The Summer Sun Beats Down on Wall Street by Paul Nolte
06/21 Th*nk*ng (Reserves) by Fred Cederholm
06/21 If They Don’t Own Gold, Don’t Trust Their Opinion on Gold by Justice Litle
06/21 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
06/21 This Week: Mixed Signals by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
06/18 The Volume Issue by Carl Swenlin
06/18 Prechter's Deadly Bearish Big Picture: The 7-Year Crisis Cycle Explained by Robert Prechter
06/18 Crude Realities by Puru Saxena
06/18 Rhodium Trading Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
06/18 Poisonous Ideas by J. R. Nyquist
06/17 Base Metals by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
06/17 Geological anomalies are like opinions: Everybody has one by Louis James
06/17 President Obama and Rep. Stupak proclaim... by Richard Loomis
06/16 The gold standard: generator and protector of jobs by Hugo Salinas Price
06/16 The 2010 Silver Buying Guide by Jeff Clark
06/16 The New Economic Reality, Part 3 by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
06/15 The Secret to Finding Winning Energy Stocks by Marin Katusa
06/15 The Secret to Finding Winning Energy Stocks by Marin Katusa
06/14 Hydroelectric Revolution: A River Runs Through It by Marin Katusa
06/14 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
06/14 Two Decades of Greed - The Unraveling by James Quinn
06/14 Is There Really a Debt Crisis? by Clif Droke
06/14 Th*nk*ng (Oil) by Fred Cederholm
06/14 Unraveling the Rally by Paul Nolte
06/11 Possible Head and Shoulders by Carl Swenlin
06/11 Why is China promoting Gold Investments... by Julian Phillips
06/11 Why Won't You Die by David Galland
06/11 Communism on the March by J. R. Nyquist
06/10 Getting Gold: Seasonal Price Trends are Favorable by Kosares & Strauss
06/10 Gulf Oil Spill ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With by F. William Engdahl
06/10 Tarbanes by Richard Loomis
06/09 Prechter Called the Uptrend 'Out' in April by Elliott Wave Int.
06/08 You Cannot Be Serious!! by Bill Powers
06/08 Natural Gas – It’s Been a Wild Ride! (energy exclusive) by Matthew Millar
06/07 What You Always Wanted To Know About Gold by Antal Fekete
06/07 Who Controls the Gold Market? by Julian Phillips
06/07 Warren Buffett Goes Down With the Credit Ratings Agencies by Justice Litle
06/07 Sovereign Debt in Global Equity Markets by Paul Nolte
06/07 Th*nk*ng (It Is) by Fred Cederholm
06/04 Navigating the Other Side of the Storm by Doug Hornig
06/04 The Game of Hateby J. R. Nyquist
06/04 What will happen to Gold Supply if Demand is very high? by Julian Phillips
06/04 A look at some stock market "echoes" by Clif Droke
06/03 The New Economic Reality, Part 2 by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
06/03 Who Will Profit from the Oil Spill by Charles Brant
06/03 Defensive Stocks: Are They the Ticket in a Downturn? by Elliott Wave Int.
06/02 Give unto Caesar - What to Pay When You're Selling by Jeff Clark
06/02 The Korean Crisis: Cui Bono? by F. William Engdahl
06/02 Should the Gold Price Fall Now? by Julian D.W. Phillips
06/01 Th*nk*ng (Shoulders) by Fred Cederholm
06/01 What Effect Will Prices Have on Demand? by Julian D.W. Phillips
06/01 Into the Abyss: The Cycle of Debt Deflation by Ron Hera
06/01 State Pensions: I'll Buy Your Bonds if You Buy Mine by John Rubino
05/31 Trouble in Europe by Paul Nolte
05/28 Where's the Volume? by Carl Swenlin
05/28 Preparing for What’s Next by David Galland
05/28 A look at how post-panic bottoms form by Clif Droke
05/28 Our Russian Oracle by J. R. Nyquist
05/28 An American Concept: Crushing Debt by David Galland
05/28 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
05/28 Blowing Bubbles by Puru Saxena
05/27 What if this is the end of deepwater drilling? by Erik Townsend
05/27 Stage Set For Another Bernanke Adventure by Brady Willett
05/26 Bigger Than A "10% Correction"? by Elliott Wave Int.
05/26 Rhodium Trading Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
05/25 Google's Boondoggle—Not All Energies Are Created Equal by Marin Katusa
05/24 We Have a Correction by Paul Nolte
05/24 How Low Will Silver Go? by Jeff Clark
05/24 Th*nk*ng (Exits) by Fred Cederholm
05/24 Sell in May and Go Away by Julian Phillips
05/24 Panics versus crashes (it makes all the difference!) by Clif Droke
05/24 This Week: Plan A Is In Effect by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
05/21 Fact vs. Fiction on Today's Economy by David Galland
05/21 The Federal Reserve Does NOT Control the Market by Elliott Wave Int
05/21 Where's the Sell Signal? by Carl Swenlin
05/21 Take Your Pick—A Tale of Two Economic Trends by by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
05/21 Will European Central Banks Begin Selling Gold Again? by Julian Phillips
05/21 The Saviors of Mankind by J. R. Nyquist
05/20 War Is Coming—the Public vs. Government Workers by Cliff Küle
05/20 Where's the Land of Opportunity These Days? by Doug Hornig
05/19 A Pig Tale by Ed Stein
05/19 The End of the Gold Bull Market by David Galland
05/19 Criminal Charges Could Cut BP's Stock in Half by Justice Litle
05/19 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
05/18 The Nuclear Option by Marin Katusa
05/18 What Becomes of a Broken Stock Market? by Elliott Wave Int.
05/17 Colorado's Gas Pains by Bill Powers
05/17 This Week: Trading on Emotion – Eurozone Blues by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
05/17 Th*nk*ng (Stooges) by Fred Cederholm
05/17 Will Sovereign Debt Contagion Cross the Atlantic to the U.S.? by Julian Phillips
05/14 Rigging the Markets – How They Do It by Joel Skousen
05/14 What If Doug Casey Is Right? by Jeff Clark
05/14 Signs of Deflation You Might Not be Able to See Clearly by Elliott Wave Int.
05/14 Beyond the Point of No Return by Bud Conrad
05/14 A Word to the Wise by J. R. Nyquist
05/14 COMEX gold and silver markets do not affect gold and silver prices at all! by Julian Phillips
05/14 The European Economic Crisis by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
05/12 Deficit Landmines Dead Ahead! by Chris Wood, Jake Weber, & Vedran Vuk
05/12 Prechter Describes The "Stunning Long-Term Elliott Wave Picture" by Elliott Wave Int.
05/12 Trillion Shmillion—Europe's "Common Currency" Is Still Doomed by Justice Litle
05/11 3 Steps to Geographically Diversifying Your Gold Stocks by Jeff Clark
05/11 The Hungarian Connection by Antal Fekete
05/11 Who did the I.M.F. sell their 24.4 tonnes of gold to? by Julian Phillips
05/11 What Do These 8 Technical Indicators Mean for the Markets? by Robert Prechter
05/11 A Brief Note on China by Scott MacDonald
05/11 OTC Derivatives: Failed Banks or Failed Nations? by Ron Hera
05/11 The Big Short by James Quinn
05/10 This Week: What Just Happened???? by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
05/10 Th*nk*ng (Explanations) by Fred Cederholm
05/10 Political Risk Rising by Scott MacDonald
05/07 Market Crash! by Carl Swenlin
05/07 The Speculative Peak Cheap Oil Trade—Part I by Erik Townsend
05/07 Gold at $1,200 Why and will it hold and rise? by Julian Phillips
05/07 U.S. Market's Stub Toes As Greece Fear Spreads by Brady Willett
05/07 Atlantic No Barrier to Contagion by Pete Grant
05/07 Make a Noise Like a Cow by J. R. Nyquist
05/07 Notes From the Field: Peru Prevails by Louis James
05/06 Greece Will Receive a Bailout by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
05/06 Doug Casey on the Russian Bear by Louis James
05/06 Interview: Ross Beaty's 100 Year Energy Plan by Ron Hera
05/05 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
05/05 Three Mile Island for U.S. Oil by David Galland
05/04 Why "Peak Oil" Will Never Lead To $500/bbl Crude Oil by Erik Townsend
05/04 Disclosure in the Precious Metals Puzzle Palace by Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts
05/03 Is China's Recovery a Fraud? by James Quinn
05/03 Russian Gold Purchases up 15.55 tonnes in a month—The Implications! by Julian Phillips
05/03 All Eyes on Greece by Paul Nolte
05/03 Is it 1998 all over again? by Clif Droke
04/30 The Euro Is Screwed by Kevin Brekke and David Galland
04/30 6-Month Seasonality Going Negative by Carl Swenlin
04/30 Grand Strategy by J. R. Nyquist
04/30 The European Debt Crisis Keeps Expanding by Monty Guild & Tony Danaher
04/30 What will happen to currencies if the Euro collapses? by Julian Phillips
04/30 Green Energy and Cheap Oil Don't Mix by Andrew McKillop
04/29 Bob Prechter Points Out The Many Signs Of Deflation by Elliott Wave Int.
04/29 One for All and All for... Myself by Marin Katusa
04/29 The 800 LB Gorilla in the Financial Reform Bill by Joel Skousen
04/28 How Much Is This Recovery Going to Cost? by Justice Litle
04/28 Mongolian Dreams by Scott MacDonald
04/27 Shale gas—miracle pill or empty promise? by Puru Saxena
04/26 Chris Powell Replies to Jeffrey M. Christian by Chris Powell
04/26 The Recovery Rally Continues by Paul Nolte
04/26 How to Channel an Impulse Wave on a Price Chart by Elliott Wave Int.
04/26 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
04/26 Th*nk*ng (Justice) by Fred Cederholm
04/23 Erik Townsend responds to Chris Powell by Erik Townsend
04/23 Jeffrey M. Christian Responds to Chris Powell by Jeffrey M. Christian
04/23 Advance-Decline Lines Strong by Carl Swenlin
04/23 Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud, Part 3 by Elliott Wave Int.
04/23 Will Gold be bolstered by the Goldman Sachs Fraud case? by Julian Phillips
04/23 A Short Philosophy of History by J. R. Nyquist
04/22 Gold Stocks: Math Today, Magic Tomorrow by Jeff Clark
04/21 Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud, Part 2 by Elliott Wave Int.
04/21 Canada Sounds the Alarm by Bill Powers
04/21 If Sherlock Holmes Were an Investor (energy exclusive) by Matthew Millar
04/20 A Reply to Eric Townsend by Chris Powell
04/20 Nuts! by James Quinn
04/20 Shale by the Pail: Europe Shakes Its Fist at Russian Hegemony by Marin Katusa
04/19 Debunking the Precious Metals Fearmongering Campaign by Erik Townsend
04/19 Goldman Sachs Fraud Aftermath by Paul Nolte
04/19 Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud, Part I by Elliott Wave Int.
04/19 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
04/19 Breaking Down the Major China ETFs by Justice Litle
04/19 Th*nk*ng (Warnings) by Fred Cederholm
04/19 Long- vs. Short-Term Stock Market P/E Ratios by Bob Bronson
04/18 Market pullback ahead? by Elie Fakhouri
04/16 The Tax Window of Opportunity by Vedran Vuk
04/16 Raising The BAR: Bar Patterns & Trading Opportunities by Elliott Wave Int.
04/16 Breakout Fails by Carl Swelin
04/16 Gold—Investment demand poised to jump? by Julian Phillips
04/16 Decapitation by Mishap by J. R. Nyquist
04/15 Sell Now, Buy Later—the ABCs of Short Selling by Jake Weber
04/15 An interview with a long wave master, part 2 by Clif Droke
04/14 Gold in Perspective by David Galland
04/13 Going Nuclear: Obama's Green Machine Is Ready to Go by Marin Katusa
04/13 Why Economic Forecasts Often Fail by Elliott Wave Int.
04/13 Onward to 12,000 by Paul Nolte
04/12 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
04/12 Sovereign Debt Disaster Will Favor Hard Assets by Justice Litle
04/12 Th*nk*ng (Taxes) by Fred Cederholm
04/12 Bear in the Backyard? by Scott MacDonald
04/12 This Week: Big Bets Gone Sideways by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
04/09 Why Are Silver Sales Soaring? by Jeff Clark
04/09 How Might Gold, Silver and T-bonds Behave in a Bear Market? by Elliott Wave Int.
04/09 An Unkind Cut by J. R. Nyquist
04/09 Health Care Top? by Carl Swenlin
04/09 Gold - New Chinese Products to make it the leading world gold market? by Julian Phillips
04/09 An interview with a long wave master by Clif Droke
04/08 A Model for Predicting Natural Gas Inventory Changes by Matthew Millar
04/08 What You Can Learn From a Multi-Millionaire by Elliott Wave Int.
04/08 Vocal Minority vs. Silent Majority by Bill Powers
04/08 A Trillion Here, A Trillion There... by Richard Benson
04/07 Coal: The Contrarian's Investment by Joe Hung
04/07 Rock and a hard place by Puru Saxena
04/06 Interview: Rob McEwen and the Next Homestake Mining Company by Ron Hera
04/06 When Soda Was a Nickel and Social Security Wasn't Much More by Vedran Vuk
04/05 Sunday, Bloody Sunday by James Quinn
04/05 Employment Report, Equity and Bonds by Paul Nolte
04/05 Th*nk*ng (Assistance) by Fred Cederholm
04/02 The Bombings in Moscow by J. R. Nyquist
04/02 Hot Rocks and Hot Investments... But Don't Get Burned! by Dr. Marc Bustin
04/02 Critical juncture for housing market, gold by Clif Droke
04/01 More Normal Earnings Picture by Carl Swenlin
04/01 Gold - The Real Shape of Chinese gold demand by Julian Phillips
03/31 Bond Market: "It's Safer to Lend to Buffett than Obama" by Chris Wood
03/30 Census Numbers Uncensored by Vedran Vuk
03/30 Your Cheatin' Chart Will Tell On You by Elliott Wave Int.
03/29 Fibonacci Techniques for Math Geeks -- and Everyone Else, Too by Elliott Wave Int.
03/29 Three Breakouts That Could Break the Rally by Justice Litle
03/29 Progress is Slowing by Paul Nolte
03/29 Th*nk*ng (Schools) by Fred Cederholm
03/29 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
03/29 This Week: No Mas by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
03/29 America and the next major war by Clif Droke
03/26 The Final Treaty by J. R. Nyquist
03/26 The Gold Price will be affected by the Oil price in future—How? by Julian Phillips
03/25 Low Carbon Vanity by Andrew McKillop
03/25 Doug Casey: Making Terrorism Your Friend by Louis James
03/24 Natural Gas Bulls: Capitulation by Matthew Millar
03/24 Help! I've Been Taxed and I Can't Get Up by Jeff Clark
03/24 The Stock Market Is Patterned -- Here's Proof by Elliott Wave Int.
03/24 News from the Galaxy by Hugo Salinas Price
03/23 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
03/23 Battle for the Budget by Bud Conrad
03/23 Bob Prechter Reveals the Most Dangerous Gold & Silver Myths by Elliott Wave Int.
03/23 Silver Thursday Plus 30 by David Morgan
03/22 Winter Still With Us by Paul Nolte
03/22 Trading range madness by Clif Droke
03/22 Ukraine and a Tectonic Shift in Heartland Power by F. William Engdahl
03/22 Th*nk*ng (Fixes) by Fred Cederholm
03/19 The Taylor Rule: A Tool for Predicting Fed Policy by Bud Conrad
03/19 A Tip On TIPS by Carl Swenlin
03/19 It Was a Wonderful Life by James Quinn
03/19 Is it better to buy gold bullion or gold shares? by Julian Phillips
03/19 Seeing Into the Future by J. R. Nyquist
03/18 Fear The New Krugman by Brady Willett
03/18 In the Shadow of the Castle by David Galland
03/16 Revealing BAAC Supercycles by Bob Bronson
03/16 What To Do With Your Pension Plan by Elliott Wave Int.
03/16 Overview of the Markets by Puru Saxena
03/16 The Road to Hyperinflation by Krassimir Petrov with Alar Tamming
03/16 New Baghdad and the Collapse of Capitalism by Doug Hornig
03/15 What Can Movies Tell You About the Stock Market? by Elliott Wave Int.
03/15 More Egg on Shell's Face by Bill Powers
03/15 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
03/12 The Fall of the Roman Republic by J. R. Nyquist
03/12 The Big Dead-Cat Bounce by Doug Hornig
03/12 Earnings Confusion by Carl Swenlin
03/12 Is a major correction to the gold price coming? by Julian Phillips
03/11 Paper Trading Is NOT What Will Teach You To Trade by Elliott Wave Int.
03/11 As Forecasted—A 12-Year Retrospective by Bob Bronson
03/11 Doug Casey on Surviving Financial Apocalypse Now by Louis James
03/10 Competition for the IMF's Gold? by Jeff Clark
03/10 The end of the recovery? by Clif Droke
03/09 Bernanke's Dilemma: Hyperinflation and the US Dollar by Ron Hera
03/09 Gold: Best Supporting Role In Economic Downturns? Think Again by Elliott Wave Int.
03/09 Entropy—Why the World as We Know It Is Dying by David Galland
03/08 Spring Flowers by Paul Nolte
03/08 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
03/08 This Week: Market Some Cautious Bull by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
03/08 Th*nk*ng (Countings) by Fred Cederholm
03/05 What's More Important: Price Per Ounce or Ounces Owned? by Jeff Clark
03/05 Learn Elliott Wave Analysis -- Free by Elliott Wave Int.
03/05 S&P and the NDX by Carl Swenlin
03/05 Why is the Gold price rising now? by Julian Phillips
03/05 Lies Told to Children by J. R. Nyquist
03/05 A Weighing Machine by Puru Saxena
03/04 Recession, Depression, or Systematic Breakdown by James Quinn
03/04 Iceland—the Lemmings Rule! by Scott MacDonald
03/04 What Does NOT Move Markets? by Elliott Wave Int.
03/04 Bill Gates talks about "vaccines to reduce population" by F. William Engdahl
03/03 Columbia: A New Gold Rush? by Andrey Dashkov
03/02 Paul Ryan -- the Man Who Could Save America by Doug Hornig
03/02 Rising Oil Prices - Rising Concern by Andrew McKillop
03/01 Inflation Must Increase In Order To Reduce Unemployment by I. M. Vronsky
03/01 This Week: Market Sideways, PALM Down by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
03/01 Th*nk*ng (Fees) by Fred Cederholm
03/01 March Will Come In Like A Lion by Paul Nolte
03/01 Snow-cialism by Vedran Vuk
02/26 Surviving Deflation: First, Understand It by Elliott Wave Int.
02/26 Economics and the Health Care Debate by J. R. Nyquist
02/26 Gold and Dollar by Carl Swenlin
02/26 Gold is de-coupling from the $:€ exchange rate by Julian Phillips
02/25 PFS Group Energy Report (exclusive) by Chris Puplava
02/25 Gold, the IMF, and Dirty Jokes by Jeff Clark
02/25 More Credit Default Swaps Means Trouble for European Debt by Elliott Wave Int.
02/25 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
02/24 Is Ben Bernanke Smart Enough to Be a CEO? by Vedran Vuk
02/24 The Disappearance of the Natural Gas Glut by Bill Powers
02/23 Same Day. Same Event. Same Market. Different Story! by Elliott Wave Int.
02/23 21st Century Breakdown by James Quinn
02/23 Panic at the Fed or Back to Normalcy? by F. William Engdahl
02/23 Still Living in a Dollar-Centric World Justice Litle
02/22 Year of the Tiger by Paul Nolte
02/22 Th*nk*ng (Sadie) by Fred Cederholm
02/22 Economic recovery and the price of gold by Clif Droke
02/22 This Week: The Beatdown Goes On by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
02/19 The ABCs of ETFs by Marin Katusa
02/19 Europe's Return to Risky Investment by Elliott Wave Int.
02/19 Possible Bull Trap by Carl Swenlin
02/19 Hedging Non-Gold Investments with Gold by Antal Fekete
02/19 Civilization's Wrecking Crew by J. R. Nyquist
02/18 Bob Prechter Points Out The Many Signs Of Deflation by Nico Issac
02/18 1001 Reasons to Own Gold by Jeff Clark
02/17 11 Commonplace Market Views: True or Myth? by Elliott Wave Int.
02/17 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
02/16 Colombia Is Open for Business by David Galland
02/16 Th*nk*ng (Incentives) by Fred Cederholm
02/16 Bring on more snow! by Paul Nolte
02/12 The € is falling against the $ by Julian Phillips
02/12 Do Unto Others by J. R. Nyquist
02/12 Sooner or Later, You'll Invest Abroad by Jeff Clark
02/12 Will silver outperform gold in 2010? by Clif Droke
02/11 Will Obama Destroy Any Hope of U.S. Energy Independence? by Charles Brant
02/11 Ponzi Scheme by Puru Saxena
02/11 Robert Prechter on Herding and Markets' "Irony and Paradox" by Elliott Wave Int.
02/10 U.S. Stocks: Will The Bears Relinquish Control? by Elliott Wave Int.
02/10 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
02/09 There Is No Business Like Bond Business by Antal Fekete
02/09 How's That Shale Thing Working Out For Ya Tony? by Bill Powers
02/09 An Insider's View of the Real Estate Train Wreck by David Galland
02/08 I Knew I Should Have Bought Gold by I. M. Vronsky
02/08 This Week: Beware of Bullish Pundits by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
02/08 The Devil is in the Details by Paul Nolte
02/08 Th*nk*ng (Oracles) by Fred Cederholm
02/05 Vintage Wine Turns Sour for Financiers by Alex Daley & Doug Hornig
02/05 Just how solid is the Gold Price? by Julian Phillips
02/05 Celebrating the Demise of the Liberal Capitalist System by J. R. Nyquist
02/05 EUR/USD: What Moves You? by Elliott Wave Int.
02/05 Market manipulation in the balance by Clif Droke
02/04 Pathetic Returns By Pension Plans, Insurance Companies &... I. M. Vronsky
02/03 Why It's Not Different This Time by Bill Powers
02/03 From Global Warming to Voodoo Economics by Andrew McKillop
02/02 How to Talk to a Nincompoop by Jeff Clark
02/02 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
02/01 The Ultimate Bubble and the Mother of All Carry Trades by Ron Hera
02/01 The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti by F. William Engdahl
02/01 This Week: Obama's Nightmare Team by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
02/01 Bears Making Room for the Bulls by Paul Nolte
02/01 Th*nk*ng (Definitives) by Fred Cederholm
01/29 What's a Company's Gold Worth?by Louis James & Andrey Dashkov
01/29 Will a threatened € affect the Gold Price?Julian Phillips
01/29 More Correction Ahead Carl Swenlin
01/29 The China Controversy and the Stock Market by Clif Droke
01/29 Russia's Conquest of Europe by J. R. Nyquist
01/28 Gold and Other Failed Bancors by Andrew McKillop
01/27 The Other Oil Play You Simply Can't Ignoreby Marin Katusa
01/27 Bernanke's Burn Notice -- Why Now?by Robert Prechter
01/27 Where Will US Job Growth Come From? by James Quinn
01/25 Why I Hope Gold Falls to $1,000by Jeff Clark
01/25 Bank Earnings and Economic Data Not So Hot by Paul Nolte
01/25 Th*nk*ng (Fictions) by Fred Cederholm
01/25 Wyoming Natural Gas Production Has Started to Collapse by Bill Powers
01/25 This Week: That is Correct(ion) Sir by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
01/22 Lessons from the Panic of 1907 by Clif Droke
01/22 Dude, Is That Gold Bar for Real?by Doug Hornig
01/22 More Scandals Implicate IPCC Climate Scientists by F. William Engdahl
01/22 After the Welfare State, what? by Hugo Salinas Price
01/22 Anti-Capitalists and Capitalists by J. R. Nyquist
01/21 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
01/21 What's driving the Gold & Silver Prices Now? by Julian Phillips
01/20 Doug Casey: "Stock Market Set to Crash" by Louis James
01/20 Google--The Epitome of the American Way by Thomas Au
01/20 Negative Reactions by Paul Nolte
01/19 Sack The Regulators by Brady Willett
01/19 This Week: Just a Bad Day or a Bearish Beginning? by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
01/19 Feeds the Rich, Buries the Poor by James Quinn
01/19 What crash history tells us to expect for 2010 by Clif Droke
01/19 Th*nk*ng (Accelerants) by Fred Cederholm
01/15 Cheap Oil is Gone, and That's Good Newsby Martin Katusa
01/15 The Fed's Presumed Inflation—Mostly a Mirage by Elliott Wave Int.
01/15 Our Revolting Elites by J. R. Nyquist
01/15 Inflation 101 by Puru Saxena
01/15 How does the U.S. $ really affect the gold price? by Julian Phillips
01/15 Chindia Hard Down on the Petro Keynesian Gas Pedal by Andrew McKillop
01/13 What the Deflationists Are Missing by David Galland
01/12 Agri-Food Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
01/11 Is the stock market rigged? by Clif Droke
01/11 WHO Scientists Corruption Scandals Appear Endemic by F. William Engdahl
01/11 Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem, Part 2 by Antal Fekete
01/11 This Week: "Always a Winner" Forecast for 2010-Q1 by Peter Navarro, Ph.D.
01/11 Th*nk*ng (Gadgets) by Fred Cederholm
01/08 Why You Should Care About DJIA Priced in Gold by Elliott Wave Int.
01/08 Get Your Gold the Hell Outta Here! by Doug Hornig
01/08 Learning From Mistakes by J. R. Nyquist
01/08 Still No Decisive Move by Carl Swenlin
01/08 Gold Price Suppression and Management to End by Julian Phillips
01/07 Gold's steadfast performance... by Randall Strauss
01/07 2010 Preview: The Wonderful Wizard of USD by Brady Willett & Dr. Todd Alway
01/06 The Biggest Financial Deception of the Decade by Jeff Clark
01/06 Commodities Will Road in Year of the Tiger 2010 by Andrew McKillop
01/06 The Gas Crisis of 2011 by Bill Powers
01/05 Gold Thoughts by Ned Schmidt
01/05 Yemen: Behind Al-Qaeda Scenarios, a Geopolitical Oil Chokepoint.. by F. William Engdahl
01/04 Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem by Antal Fekete
01/04 Th*nk*ng (2010) by Fred Cederholm
01/04 What To Expect in 2010 by J. R. Nyquist

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