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Antal E. Fekete

Antal E. Fekete

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06/22/2010 Architecture for a New World Financial System
06/07/2010 What You Always Wanted To Know About Gold
05/11/2010 The Hungarian Connection
05/05/2010 Hyperinflation or Hyperdeflation?
02/19/2010 Hedging Non-Gold Investments with Gold
02/09/2010 There Is No Business Like Bond Business
01/11/2010 Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem, Part 2
01/04/2010 Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem
10/30/2009 Forgotten Anniversary - One Hundred Years of Legal Tender
10/19/2009 The Gold Basis is Dead - Long Live the Gold Basis!
09/30/2009 The Supply of Oxen At the IMF
09/11/2009 Has Barrick Been Barricked By the U.S.?
08/28/2009 Gold is Pale Because It Has So Many Thieves Plotting Against It
07/06/2009 Fiat Money in Death Throes
04/27/2009 Falsifying Bank Balance Sheets
04/13/2009 A Critique of the Quantity Theory of Money
03/30/2009 The Marginal Productivity of Debt
03/23/2009 There Is More Where this Gift Has Come From
03/09/2009 That Accursed Propensity to Save
02/12/2009 Growth and Debt: Is There a Trade-Off?
01/12/2009 Open the Mint to Gold!
12/31/2008 An Unhappy New Year
12/22/2008 Forward Thinking on Backwardation
12/15/2008 Backwardation That Shook the World
12/08/2008 Has the Curtain Fallen on the Last Contango in Washington?
12/05/2008 Red Alert: Gold Backwardation!
12/01/2008 Thou Shalt Not Crucify Labor on this Cross of Paper Money
11/07/2008 Monetary Reform: Gold and Bills of Exchange
10/20/2008 The Mechanism of Capital Destruction
10/10/2008 Troubleed Asset Relief Program (TARP)
10/02/2008 The Gold Standard Strikes Back, Part 2
09/24/2008 The Gold Standard Strikes Back
09/15/2008 Has Hedging Killed the Goose that Was to Lay the Golden Egg?
09/02/2008 Cut Off Your Tail To Save My Face!
07/01/2008 Farewell Address
06/11/2008 Putting Loin-Cloth On The Naked Bogeyman
06/05/2008 It's Not A Dollar Crisis: It's A Gold Crisis
04/28/2008 GOTTERDÄMMERUNG: The Twilight of Irredeemable Debt
03/28/2008 Forgotten Anniversary that Haunts the Nation
02/29/2008 Paper Tiger Preying on Gold Bugs
02/11/2008 Uncle Sam Crying "Uncle"
02/05/2008 Opening the Mint to Gold and Silver
01/28/2008 The Crash of the Bank of United States
01/26/2008 The Anti-Gold Gospel According to Anatole Kaletsky
01/18/2008 Gold: How High Is High?
11/27/2007 Our Diseased Monetary Bloodstream
10/31/2007 The Saga of the Naked Boogieman
10/03/2007 Gold Peak: A Primer on the Economics of Gold Mining, Part 5
05/30/2007 The Dollar: An Agonizing Reappraisal, Part 1 Gold Vanishing Into Private Hoards
05/18/2007 The Decoy of the Falling Dollar Revisited
05/17/2007 The Golden Thorn in the Flesh, Part 2
04/02/2007 The Golden Thorn in the Flesh, Part 1
03/07/2007 Gold, Interest, Basis
01/15/2007 The Root Cause of Unemployment, Part 2
01/11/2007 The Root Cause of Unemployment, Part 1
01/05/2007 Forbidden Research
12/30/2006 The Gold Standard Manifesto
12/14/2006 Can the Second Coming of Paul Volcker Save the Dollar?
12/03/2006 Where Friedman Went Wrong
10/07/2006 When Atlas Shrugged, Part 2
08/24/2006 When Atlas Shrugged, Part 1
08/07/2006 Real Bills: "Waggon-Way in the Air"
07/26/2006 Federal Reserve Follies: What Really Started the Great Depression
06/23/2006 The Rise and Fall of the Gold Basis
06/04/2006 The Last Contango in Washington
05/25/2006 Monetary versus Non-Monetary Commodities
05/11/2006 Ultracrepidarian Musings
05/04/2006 Bull In Bear's Skin?
01/09/2006 The Gold Standard Manifesto
12/02/2005 Silver Charade, Gold Charade
11/21/2005 The Fall and Rise of the Gold Standard
11/15/2005 The Myth of the New American Gold Standard
10/09/2005 Economic Entropy
09/30/2005 Unemployment: Human Sacrifice on the Altar of Mammon
09/16/2005 Where Mises Went Wrong
07/28/2005 The Year of the Euro
07/12/2005 Detractors of Adam Smith's Real Bills Doctrine
05/01/2005 The Goldbug, Variations V
04/20/2005 The Goldbug, Variations IV
04/01/2005 The Goldbug, Variations III
03/28/2005 The Goldbug, Variations II
03/25/2005 The Goldbug, Variations I
03/21/2005 Burning Bridges and Halfway Houses
03/13/2005 Is "Linkage" Broken? No, symmetry of speculation is
03/07/2005 Tsunami in the Bond Market
03/01/2005 Greenspan Has Taken the Horse to Water. But can he make it drink?
02/27/2005 The Decoy of the Falling Dollar
02/14/2005 Two Views on the Self-Immolation of Paper Money
01/24/2005 Causes and Consequences of Kondratiev's Long-Wave Cycle
01/20/2005 The Supply of Oxen at the Federal Reserve
05/03/2004 What Gold and Silver Analysts Overlook
04/02/2004 Contrarian Round Table on The Fed
01/21/2004 Contrarian Round Table on Inflation
12/15/2003 Contrarian Round Table on Central Bankers & Gold
09/22/2003 Gold is the Cure for the Job-Drain
09/05/2003 The Gold-Demonetization Hoax Gary North is wrong on gold
08/23/2003 How to Protect One's Pension With Gold
06/27/2003 The Bubble That Broke The World
06/25/2003 Stop Greenspan From Plunging America Into A Depression
06/10/2003 Tainted Research: Lysenkoism — American Style


Antal E. Fekete is Professor Emeritus from the the Memorial University of Newfoundland in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Professor Fekete was born and educated in Hungary. He immigrated to Canada in 1956. In addition to teaching in Canada, Fekete worked in the Washington DC office of Congressman W. E. Dannemeyer for five years on monetary and fiscal reform till 1990. He taught as visiting professor of economics at the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala City in 1996. Professor Fekete was Consulting Professor at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2001-2003. His essay ''Whither Gold?'' won the first prize in the essay competition of Bank Lips, the bank founded by the late Ferdinand Lips.

Professor Fekete is the Director-designate of Research and Education of the Lips Institute in Switzerland, scheduled to open its doors "for business" in September, 2006. The Gold Standard University lecture series of Professor Fekete will continue under the aegis of the Lips Institute.

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