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Ronald R. Cooke

Ronald R. Cooke

Author: Oil, Jihad and Destiny (revised 2007)
Author: Detensive Nation: From Regulation to Leadership (2007)

Guest Contributor


11/30/2009 The Simple Math of CO2 Reduction
02/09/2009 Is This The End Of Wealth Creation?
02/03/2009 How To Create 4.0 Million Jobs In 90 Days
01/27/2009 Another Confirmation of Oil Depletion
01/22/2009 Unemployment: How Do We Measure A Shortage Of Work?
11/10/2008 Oil Depletion: Obama Faces Hard Political Decisions
10/20/2008 Where the Heck is the Bottom?
10/06/2008 Who Do We Blame for America’s Financial Mess?
08/11/2008 The Perfect (Economic) Storm
05/16/2008 Unemployment: What Is The Real Story?
05/06/2008 Yes Virginia. This Is A Recession
03/24/2008 Banks: Bleeding Value And Hiding Desperation
03/10/2008 A Few Words On The Economy
01/17/2008 American GDP: Can We Trust the Data?
12/19/2007 CPI: Sophisticated Theory, Terrible Ethics
11/19/2007 A Solution to China's Pollution
03/30/2007 Warning: Recession Ahead
03/23/2007 The Elasticity of Oil Production and Consumption
02/02/2007 What Is the Real Cost of Corn Ethanol?
12/26/2006 Algeria Increases the Price of Oil
09/14/2006 Oil Shortages: It's Happened Before, It Can Happen Again
07/29/2006 Oil Depletion Economics 101
06/14/2006 A letter to Bill O'Reilly
04/18/2006 Alternative Energy and the American Enterprise
03/18/2006 Alternative Energy: It's Time to Evaluate Our Options
03/10/2006 A Letter to ExxonMobil
02/03/2006 The 2006 Economic Forecast: Oil Remains a Wildcard
01/27/2006 Depletion Has Changed the PR Script
12/24/2005 Will We Have Enough Oil & Natural Gas?
12/11/2005 Before the House of Representatives
09/02/2005 The Energy Policy Act of 2005
08/12/2005 Insidious Inflation
07/28/2005 Oil Depletion? It's All In The Assumptions
06/20/2005 Private Accounts = Personal Wealth
04/28/2005 Oil, Jihad and Destiny, Chapter 2: Industry Analysis
04/12/2005 Will Higher Oil Prices Fuel Inflation?
04/01/2005 Want to Save Social Security? Take it Away from Congress.
03/10/2005 A Radical Plan for Social Security
02/17/2005 Oil, Jihad and Destiny, Chapter 1: Crisis? What Crisis?
02/17/2005 Will Social Security Bankrupt America? Updated
02/15/2005 Will Social Security Bankrupt America?
02/04/2005 Investment 2005: Assessing the Petroleum Factor
02/01/2005 An Open Letter to BusinessWeek on Hydrogen

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Ronald R. Cooke has over 33 years of professional marketing and business development experience. He has an extensive background in market research, industry analysis, and strategic planning. Prior experience includes technology assessment, operations analysis, and the evaluation of corporate financial performance. An economist by training, Ron has pursued the study of Cultural Economics since 1969.

The Report on Oil Depletion. Of all the issues we confront in the 21st Century, resource depletion promises to have the greatest impact on our economic cultural destiny. And of our dwindling resources, none will have a greater impact on our future than the decline of oil and natural gas production.

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