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This archive represents material prior to June 30, 2010. For more recent content please see new location at FinancialSense.com.


As Forecasted – A 12-Year Retrospective
Mr. Bronson confirms his long-standing forecasts
pdf icon size: 3,166 KB. Posted March 18, 2010.

A Forecasting Model That Integrates Multiple Business and Stock Market Cycles
Background essay which will be helpful in understanding Mr. Bronson's charts.
pdf icon size: 1,248 KB. Updated March 11, 2010.


04/19/2010 Long- vs. Short-Term Stock Market P/E Ratios
03/16/2010 Revealing Supercycles: BAAC and Economic
08/19/2009 Corporate Insider Selling Is An Extremely Bearish 17 Times Normal
08/12/2009 A Conversation About Payroll Data That You Never Saw On CNBC
03/03/2008 Making Money In Supercycle Bear Markets
01/17/2008 What Does This Chart Tell You...
01/09/2008 The Recession Will Ultimately Be Severe
09/27/2007 Lower Interest Rates = Lower Stock Market
07/09/2007 The 7+ Year Supercycle Recession in Auto Sales Continues
04/12/2007 Quantifying and Forecasting an Equity Risk Factor
01/24/2007 Why the Year-End Holiday Patterns Were Predictably Bearish
12/23/2006 Are You Prepared for the First of Three Perfect Storms...
12/08/2006 Supercycle Corporate Earnings and Market P/E Ratios
10/19/2006 Revised Gov't Data Confirms Our Recession Calls
09/07/2006 Summer Rally is Likely Topping, Major Decline Likely Ahead
05/17/2006 The Bearish Evidence Is Overwhelming
03/13/2006 The Stock Market P/E Ratio Continues to Decline...
12/09/2005 Much Lower Lows in 2006
10/27/2005 Core Capex Data Substantially Revised Downward
10/21/2005 The Gulf Coast Hurricanes Will Not Cause a Recession, But...
10/13/2005 Many Ideal Points to Exit the Stock Market During the Past 19 Mos.
08/27/2005 Musings on the "Everybody Knows" Technical Trend...
08/02/2005 The Conference Board and The Flattening Yield Curve
07/31/2005 Our Updated US Dollar Expectations
06/30/2005 Supercycle Bear Marketing And Period Timing
06/30/2005 So, Bunky, you thought US home equity was safe...
06/30/2005 Dispelling The Certainty Myths About Yield Curve Inversion...
06/30/2005 National Home Sales Prices Are Unseasonably Peaking
04/01/2005 Consumer & Investor Confidence Polls are Forming very Bearish...
03/28/2005 Monetary Thermometers Are Increasingly Bearish
03/23/2005 Peaking Consumer Confidence is Consistent with ...
03/15/2005 Our Latest S&P Sector Analysis and Buy-Sell Signals
02/22/2005 Various leading economic indicators confirm the stock market top...
02/16/2005 Major Stock Market Top Further Confirmed by Latest NAHB...
02/15/2005 Predictable Peaks in Retail Sales Confirmed
02/01/2005 The False New-High Breakout and Bull Trap is Confirmed...
01/20/2005 Latest Economic Indicator Data Confirms Our Calls and Expectations
01/06/2005 Predictably, Holiday Season Sales Reports Are Very Disappointing
10/28/2004 Further Confirmation the Price of the Average American Home...
10/26/2004 Crude Oil Topping, Creating A Bush-Winning, But Ultimately Bearish
09/23/2004 How the Stock Market Reconciles the Increasing Likelihood of Bush
09/22/2004 Yes, of course, owning a home is a good family... investment, but...
09/22/2004 Summer Rally is Over
08/08/2004 Globally Synchronized Recession Coming
07/08/2004 Consumer Credit Will Eventually Deflate
07/01/2004 Latest Update of our SMECT Forecasting Model
06/29/2004 Further Capex Slowdown Confirms Our Major Stock Market Top Call
06/15/2004 Buy Again Signal In K-Cycle Summer 23-Year-Old Bond Bull Market
05/30/2004 Election Year Stock Market Patterns of Incumbency Wins & Losses
05/27/2004 What you don't hear about today's revised GDP...
05/11/2004 US Dollar Bear-Market Rally Targets Reached
04/29/2004 Latest Report on American House Prices Still Confirm Their Peak...
04/28/2004 Retail Chain Stores Sales Update: Last Gasp Over,..
04/24/2004 Business Investment is Decelerating
04/23/2004 We Expect Crude Oil Prices Will Decline for Weeks, Months...
04/02/2004 Friday's Revised Job Report Yields Another Major Sell Signal...
03/28/2004 Combined New & Existing Homes Sales Price and The Great...Bust
03/08/2004 The Market is at a Major Top - Again - On a Volatility-Adjusted Basis
02/03/2004 A "Last Gasp" Growth Rate Spike in the US Economic Rebound
01/04/2004 The latest ISM reading is probably giving a resumption sell signal
12/10/2003 Chain Store Sales & Semiconductors Update
10/31/2003 BAAC Supercycle Bear Market Resumption Call
10/14/2003 Retail Sales--Undressing the Numbers
03/21/2003 A Closer Look at ECRI's Weekly Leading Indicators


Bob Bronson's For the past 46 years, Robert E. Bronson, III has applied a disciplined, analytical approach to understanding and forecasting capital markets and advising institutional and other professional investors. Through his rigorous analysis of capital markets and economic data and his background in mathematics and financial economics, he has developed a number of unique investment concepts and refined portfolio-management techniques that improve returns and lower downside-volatility risk. If you wish to read more, read his BIO.

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