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Guest Show Expert Firm, Book or Topic
Ken Fisher 12/16 Author The Only Three Questions That Count
Christopher H. Browne 12/09 Author The Little Book of Value Investing
SF Hard Assets '06 12/02 Various 15 Interviews with Experts and Companies Transcript
Matthew Simmons 11/25 Author Critique of CERA Report Transcript
Eric Janszen 11/25 Author America's Bubble Economy: Profit When It Pops
Peter Stanyer 11/25 Author Guide to Investment Strategy
Jonathan Knee 11/18 Author The Accidental Investment Banker
Ahead of the Trend 11/11 Jim & Ike Dr. Marvin Appel
5 Bullion Dealers 11/04 Experts Five Ways to Own Bullion
Andrew Kilpatrick 10/28 Author Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett...
G. Edward Griffin 10/28 Author   The Creature From Jekyll Island  Transcript
Richard Heinberg 10/21 Author The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars...
Ahead of the Trend 10/14 Jim & Ike Sy Harding, Street Smart Report Online
Robert R. Prechter, Jr 10/07 Author 2006 Update & preview of new book Transcript
Matthew R. Simmons 09/30 Author "Update on Peak Oil and Beyond"  Transcript
Doug Noland 09/23 Strategist The Credit Bubble Bulletin
Ahead of the Trend 09/16 Jim & Ike Jim Welsh, Welsh Asset Management
Peter Hartcher 09/09 Author Bubble Man: Alan Greenspan and the Missing 7 Trillion Dollars
Steven Drobny 08/12 Author Inside the House of Money
George Orwel 08/05 Author Black Gold
Leonardo Maugeri 07/29 Author The Age of Oil
Jeffrey M. Christian 07/22 Author Commodities Rising
Dr. Valerie Marcel 07/15 Author Oil Titans: National Oil Companies in the Middle East
Jeremy Leggett 07/08 Author The Empty Tank: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and ...
Gold Roundtable 07/01 Various Leanne Baker, James Turk, Peter Grandich, & Don McAlvany
Gary Weiss 06/24 Author Wall Street versus America: Rampant Greed and Dishonesty...
Ahead of the Trend 06/17 Jim & Ike Peter Eliades
Fred Pearce 06/10 Author When The Rivers Run Dry Transcript
James O’Shaughnessy 06/10 Manager Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow
Economic Roundtable 06/03 Various "New Era or The Perfect Financial Storm?" Barbera & Pretti
Paul Kruger 06/03 Author Alternative Energy Sources
Yiannis Mostrous 05/27 Author The Silk Road to Riches
Ahead of the Trend 05/20 Jim & Ike E. James Welsh & Clyde Kendzierski
Aaron Russo 05/13 Director New Movie: From Freedom to Fascism Transcript
Richard Karn 05/13 Editor Agua Caliente
Matthew Simmons 04/29 Author Topic: Tough Times Ahead for Energy Transcript
Ahead of the Trend 04/29 Jim & Ike Erik Hadik, INSIIDE Track Trading
Dan Reingold 04/22 Author Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst
Russell Napier 04/15 Author Anatomy of the Bear: Lessons from Wall Street's 4 Bottoms
Peter Tertzakian 04/15 Author A Thousand Barrels A Second
Dr. Bob Froehlich 04/08 Author Investment Megatrends
Keith Barron, PhD 04/01 Geologist Topic: How a geologist looks at the gold market
John Howe 03/25 Author The End of Fossil Energy: And a Plan for Sustainability
Warren Brussee 03/18 Author The Second Great Depression: Starting 2007, Ending 2020
Stephen Leeb, PhD 03/11 Author The Coming Economic Collapse
Floyd Upperman 03/05 Author Commitments of Traders
Marc Faber, PhD 02/25 Editor Topic: The Road to Ruin Transcript
Energy Roundtable 02/18 Author Richard Heinberg & James Howard Kunstler
Hon. Curt Weldon 02/11 Author Countdown to Terror
Ahead of the Trend 02/11 Jim & Ike Brian Pretti,
"Zapata" George Blake 02/04 Analyst Topic: Everything but the Kitchen Sink!
William R. Clark 01/28 Author Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar
Peter Perkins 01/21 Editor BCA Research: BCA's Daily Insights
George Zhibin Gu 01/14 Author China's Global Reach   Transcript
Ahead of the Trend 01/14 Jim & Ike George 'Zapata' Blake, Market Analyst  Transcript
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