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Guest Show Expert Firm, Book or Topic
Peter Rosenstreich 12/31 Author FOREX Revolution: An Insider's Guide to the Real World...
Ahead of the Trend 12/24 Jim & Ike Mark Leibovit, CIMA , Chief Market Strategist, 
Wiggin, Addison 12/17 Co-author Empire of Debt
Louis-Vincent Gave 12/10 Co-author Our Brave New World
San Francisco Gold 12/03 Various Experts and Company Representatives with Puplava/Barbera
Deborah Weir 11/26 Author Timing the to Profit...
Ahead of the Trend 11/19 Jim & Ike Special Guest: Joseph E. Meyer
Learsy, Raymond J. 11/12 Author Over a Barrel: Breaking the Middle East Oil Cartel
Metals Roundtable 11/05 Various "Markets Rigged?" James Turk, Bill Murphy, and Chris Powell
Larry Williams 11/05 Author Trade Stocks and Commodities with the Insiders Transcript
Tony Blankley 10/29 Author The West's Last Chance
Addison Wiggin 10/22 Author The Demise of the Dollar and...
Ahead of the Trend 10/15 Jim & Ike Gerald Appel, asset manager, Pres. Signalert Corp.
Roger Conrad 10/08 Editor Utility Forecaster
Leslie Linfield 10/08 Author Budget! It's Not a 4-Letter Word
Weather Roundtable 10/01 Various Is Global Warming Just Hot Air? Dr. R Banning, Caruba, Garris
James H. Kunstler 10/01 Author The Long Emergency   Transcript
F. William Engdahl 09/24 Author A Century of War
Steve Doran 09/17 Consultant Personal Security
Economic Roundtable 09/17 Various Frank Barbera, Clyde Kendzierski, Jim Welsh
Frank Barbera 09/10 Technician Can You Hear the Gold Train Leaving the Station???
Michael Economides 09/10 Editor Editor, World Energy Monthly Review
Caroline Baum 09/10 Columnist Just What I Said: ...Columnist Takes On Bonds...
Frank Barbera 09/03 Technician The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina & Jim's Peak Oil Series
Dan Denning 08/27 Author The Bull Hunter   Transcript & Jim's Peak Oil Series
Barry B. Bannister 08/30 CFA Commodity Cycles   Transcript & Jim's Peak Oil Series
Frank Barbera 08/13 Technician A Technical Overview & Jim's Peak Oil Series
Matthew Simmons 08/06 CEO, Author Twilight in the Desert    Transcript
Peter O'Shea 07/30 Author Beating the S&P with Dividends
John Williams 07/23 Economist Shadow Government Statistics
Ahead of the Trend 07/16 Jim & Ike Special Guest: Andre Eggelleton, Talk show host
Frank Barbera 07/19 Technician Update on the Gold Market
Robert Dubil 07/09 Author An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets
Frank Barbera 07/02 Technician Update on Gold, New Gold Index, & Why... Gold
Dr. Marc Faber 07/02 Author Inflation, Deflation   Transcript
Andrew McKillop 06/25 Author The Final Energy Crisis
Robert R. Prechter, Jr. 06/18 Author Conquer the Crash - 2004 Updated   Transcript
Gary E. Stroik 06/11 Co-Author All About Dividends: Everything You Need to Know ...
Dennis L. Cuddy, Phd 06/11 Analyst Special Interview with John Loeffler on Education
Tom Fenton 06/04 Author Bad News: The Decline of Reporting...
Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran 05/28 Author Power to the People [The Coming Energy Revolution]
Kenneth S. Deffeyes 05/21 Author Beyond Oil: The View From Hubbert's Peak
Douglas C. Noland 05/14 Strategist Credit Collapse & Will The Dollar Hold?
John Perkins 05/07 Author Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Frank Barbera 04/30 CMT The Day After Tomorrow Discussion with Jim Puplava
FSN Roundtable 04/23 Various with Pamela Aden, Frank Barbera and Eric Coffin
Steven R. Selengut 04/16 Author The Brainwashing of the American Investor
Ahead of the Trend 04/16 Jim & Ike Special Guest: Woody Dorsey, publisher Market Semiotics
Ross Gelbspan 04/09 Author Boiling Point
Evelyn Carriss 04/09 Editor Browning Newsletter on global warming
FSN Roundtable 04/02 Various Longe, Quartermain, Gromond & Marrone
John Summa 03/25 Author Trading Against the Crowd
Charles Gasparino 03/19 Author "Blood on the Street: The Sensational Inside Story... 
Ahead of the Trend 03/12 Jim & Ike Special Guest: Dr. Marvin Appel
Frank Barbera 03/05 CMT Hedge Fund Manager discusses The Great Inflation with Jim
Addison Wiggin 02/26 Author Financial Reckoning Day
FSN Roundtable 02/19 Various with John Embry, Bill Murphy & Eric King
Nomi Prins 02/19 Author Other People's Money
Ahead of the Trend 02/12 Jim & Ike Lee Adler, Editor/Publisher Wall Street Examiner
Jim Rogers 02/05 Author Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest...
Thomas Au 01/29 Author A Modern Approach to Graham and Dodd Investing
David Tripp 01/29 Author Illegal Tender: Gold, Greed, and the Mystery...
Ahead of the Trend 01/22 Jim & Ike Joseph E. Meyer Arbitration/Mediation for NASD and NYSE
Michael T. Klare 01/15 Author Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences...
J Turk & J Rubino 01/08 Authors The Coming Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It
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