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Tim W. Wood, CPATim W. Wood, CPA is author of the newsletter Cycles News and Views and his site which provides investors with a place where they can obtain truthful, non biased, factual information about the financial markets.

Tim's primary focus is on the stock market, specifically the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, the Gold market, the Dollar and T-Bonds. The information presented in his website,, is based on technical analysis and not on the Hope and Hype heard by the so-called mainstream "analysts."

Tim's technical studies are based on his knowledge of both Market Cycles and Dow Theory. His knowledge of cycles is based on the methods he learned from Walter Bressert. His knowledge of Dow Theory has come from studies of the original works of Charles H. Dow, William Peter Hamilton, Robert Rhea, E. George Schaefer, and Richard Russell.

Observation Archives

06/25/2010 Market Overview
06/11/2010 Dow Theory Update
05/28/2010 Dow Theory Update
05/14/2010 A Brief Market Update
04/30/2010 Market Update
04/09/2010 Dow Theory Update
03/26/2010 Dow Theory Update
03/12/2010 Dow Theory Update
02/26/2010 Market Update
02/12/2010 Manipulation
01/29/2010 A Brief Market Update
01/15/2010 Market Update
12/18/2009 A Brief Market Update
12/04/2009 Housing
11/20/2009 The Rally Lives
11/06/2009 Dow Theory Update
10/23/2009 A Brief Update on Equities and Gold
10/09/2009 Uncharted Waters
09/25/2009 Cycles and the Big Picture
08/14/2009 Bear Market Phasing
07/31/2009 A Long Term Look at the CRB and Silver
07/17/2009 New Bull Market?
06/19/2009 Warning II! Counter-Trend Moves Continue to Spark False Hopes
05/29/2009 Warning! Counter-Trend Moves Spark False Hopes
05/15/2009 A Brief History and Dow Theory Update
05/08/2009 Bear Market Rallies Spark False Confidence
04/17/2009 A Brief Review and Update on Commodities
04/03/2009 A Brief Update on the Markets and Dow Theory
03/20/2009 It Ain't Gonna Work III
02/20/2009 Is This March 2003? Dow Theory Says NO
02/06/2009 A Brief Update on Dow Theory and the Current Non-Confirmation
01/09/2009 Don't Buy the Hype
12/12/2008 Intermission
11/28/2008 Dow Theory: Why Opinions Differ and Brief Update
10/31/2008 Desperate Measures
10/17/2008 It Still Ain't Gonna Work: Plus, A Quick Technical Look at Gold
10/03/2008 It Ain't Gonna Work
09/19/2008 An Update on Classical Dow Theory
09/05/2008 Global Markets, Commodities, and the Economic Downturn
08/22/2008 Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average Relevant?
08/08/2008 Parabolic Moves, Bubbles and the End Result
07/25/2008 Another Look at Crude Oil, the Dow Theory Double Non-Confirmation and Gold
07/11/2008 Classical Dow Theory Proven Correct Once Again
06/27/2008 A Look at An Unsustainable Advance & a Double Non-Confirmation
06/13/2008 Another Dow Theory Non-Confirmation
05/30/2008 An Important Juncture Approaches
05/16/2008 A Toxic Economy and a Witches Brew
05/02/2008 A Brief Cyclical Overview of the Dollar
04/18/2008 Bull and Bear Market Relationships
04/04/2008 A Brief Technical Update
03/07/2008 The Industrials Versus the Transports
02/22/2008 Dow Theory Update
02/08/2008 The Fed Cuts Rates and Saves World From Financial Meltdown?
01/25/2008 It's a 4-Year Cycle Thing, and It Ain't Over!
01/11/2008 The Dow Theory Proves Correct
12/28/2007 Current Conditions From Both a Dow Theory and a Cyclical Perspective
12/14/2007 Dow Theory Update
11/30/2007 The Dow Theory Update
11/16/2007 The Dow Theory
11/02/2007 The Fed, The Discount Rate and Manipulation
10/19/2007 The Fed, The Discount Rate and the Stock Market
09/21/2007 Did the Fed Fix the Problem, or are Their Actions a Sign of a Bigger Problem?
09/07/2007 Will the Fed Continue to Cut Rates?
08/24/2007 The Battle Rages as the Chickens Come Home to Roost
08/10/2007 Dow Theory
07/27/2007 The 4-Year Cycle: The Statistics Continue to Suggest That This Low Lies Ahead
07/13/2007 Housing and the Stock Market
07/06/2007 The Dow -- Holding On but Overdone
06/15/2007 Silver and Its Long-Term Cycles
06/01/2007 The Cycle Turn and Trend Indicators and a Look at Crude Oil and Gasoline
05/18/2007 The Dow Theory... Did It Fail?
05/04/2007 More Questions On the 4-Year Cycle That Refuses To Be
04/20/2007 The 4-Year Cycle That Refuses to Be
04/06/2007 The 4-Year Cycle and Housing
03/23/2007 A Follow-Up On Housing
03/09/2007 Another Look at the 4-Year Cycle
02/23/2007 Gold and the XAU Ratio Charts
02/09/2007 The Dow Theory
01/26/2007 The Pros and the Cons
12/22/2006 Don't Worry, Be Happy!
12/15/2006 Still Up, Still Positive and Still Pressing into the 4-Year Cycle Top
12/08/2006 Warning Signs
12/01/2006 An Intermediate-Term Look at Oil
11/24/2006 A Closer Look at the Ongoing Non-Confirmation
11/10/2006 Another Look at Dow Theory and Cycles
11/03/2006 Another Look at the 4-Year Cycle
10/27/2006 A Follow Up on the Oil Sector Using the Cycle Turn and Trend Indicators
10/20/2006 No Tree Ever Grows to the Sky
10/13/2006 The Probe into the 4-year Cycle Top Continue
10/06/2006 Conventional Wisdom
09/29/2006 The Good, The Not So Good and The Not So Bad
09/22/2006 Focus on the 4-Year Cycle
09/15/2006 I No Longer Trust the Summer Rally
09/08/2006 A Look at the Summer Rally and the Internals
09/01/2006 Dow Theory and Cycles
08/25/2006 The Ongoing Non-Confirmations
08/18/2006 A Look at the Oil Sector Using the Cycle Turn and Trend Indicators
08/11/2006 A Look at the Transports
08/04/2006 Technical Analysis, Market History and Lessons From the Past
07/28/2006 Another Look at the Summer Rally, Take III
07/21/2006 Another Look at the Summer Rally
07/14/2006 Bull and Bear Market Relationships
07/07/2006 Dogs of the Dow and the Top Ten Index
06/30/2006 The Summer Rally
06/16/2006 Three Peaks and a Domed House
06/09/2006 A Change in the Making
06/02/2006 A Brief Update on the Dogs of the Dow and the Top Ten Index
05/26/2006 A Brief Review of the Industrials
05/19/2006 Housing: A Follow-Up On What the Charts Say
05/05/2006 A Brief Overview of Cycles: And a Brief Application to Silver
04/28/2006 The Market Holds, But On Continuously Fading Internals
04/07/2006 An Update on Confirmations and Non-Confirmations
03/31/2006 Manipulation
03/24/2006 Overview and a Look at the Transports
03/17/2006 Secondary Trend Reconfirmed
03/10/2006 A Look at Confirmations and Non-Confirmations
03/03/2006 Advancers vs. Decliners
02/24/2006 Housing: What Do the Charts Say?
02/17/2006 Dow Theory Clears The Secondary Hurdle
02/10/2006 A Cyclical Update on Gold
02/03/2006 Dow Theory and the Dogs of the Dow
01/27/2006 The New Non-Confirmation and a Closer Look at the Transports
01/20/2006 The Good News and the Bad
01/13/2006 A Partial Resolution
12/30/2005 Non-Confirmations Continue
12/16/2005 More Non-Confirmations
12/09/2005 Did Santa Come Early?
12/02/2005 Retailers Lagging
11/18/2005 Non-Confirmations and the Dow 30 vs. the Wilshire 5000
11/11/2005 Questions on Dow Theory
11/04/2005 A Quick Look at Key Sectors
10/28/2005 Housing, Has It Topped?
10/21/2005 A Brief Follow Up on Key Non-Confirmations
10/14/2005 A Look at the Transports
10/07/2005 A Look at Confirmations and Non-Confirmations
09/30/2005 Signs of Tightening Consumers
09/23/2005 Beating the Odds
09/16/2005 Confirmations
09/09/2005 What Does It Mean that the Secondary Trend is Bullish?
09/02/2005 Range Bound
08/26/2005 Manipulation
08/19/2005 Market Non-Confirmations
08/05/2005 Sentiment: Does It Matter Anymore?
07/29/2005 Bull and Bear Market Relationships
07/16/2005 The Market Without a Return
07/08/2005 A Look at a Few Current Non-Confirmations
07/01/2005 Non-Confirmations
06/24/2005 A Brief Update on Dow Theory
06/17/2005 Bear Market Phasing
06/10/2005 Gold, Poised to Rally?
06/03/2005 "The Speculative Episode" Reprise
05/27/2005 Another Look at the Industrials and the Transports
05/20/2005 Lessons from the Past
05/13/2005 Commodity Boom or Bust
05/06/2005 The Dow Jones Utility Average
04/29/2005 A Look at the Transports and Relative Strength Charts
04/22/2005 The Break Down
04/15/2005 Market on Thin Ice and Follow the Line
04/08/2005 A Quick Look at Key Indexes
04/01/2005 The One's that Followed Mr. Dow
03/25/2005 Who Was Charles H. Dow?
03/18/2005 Market Confirmation
03/11/2005 A Brief Look at the Housing Sector
03/04/2005 The Stock Market Conundrum Continues
02/25/2005 Dogs of the Dow - Part II
02/18/2005 Dogs of the Dow
02/11/2005 A Dow Theory Overview of the Current Setup, Part I
02/04/2005 A Brief Look at Oil and Oil Stocks
01/28/2005 The CRB, China and the Trend Indictor: A Look Over the Horizon
01/21/2005 The China Syndrome
01/14/2005 Retail and the Industrials
01/07/2005 A Long-Term Look at the CRB and Silver
12/10/2004 The Kondratieff Wave
12/03/2004 Uncharted Waters For Gold
11/19/2004 The Bear Market Rally Continues
11/05/2004 Sectors and Cycles
10/22/2004 My Most Important Discovery by Edson Gould
10/15/2004 Consumers Are Pulling Back
10/08/2004 More Dow Theory Misconceptions
10/01/2004 The Dow Theory: Yes, It Is Still Relevant
09/24/2004 A Review of Buy and Hold
09/17/2004 Manipulation
09/10/2004 Dangerous Times
09/03/2004 The Battle With the Dollar Continues and Still No Resolution
08/27/2004 A Follow Up on The Dollar and Oil
08/13/2004 The Global Bear
08/06/2004 A Current Application of Cycles
07/30/2004 The US Dollar and Gold at the Crossroads Again
07/23/2004 A Brief Technical Look at the Retail Holders Index
07/16/2004 A Brief Look at Gold
07/09/2004 Confirmations, Quantifications and Compliments
07/02/2004 A Quick Dow Theory Review
06/18/2004 Why Bearish?
06/11/2004 A Lesson in Dow Theory
06/04/2004 Global Trouble Looms
05/28/2004 Advancers and Decliners
05/21/2004 Market Volume
05/14/2004 Sector Watch
05/07/2004 A Brief Overview of Cycles
04/30/2004 Sector Watch
04/23/2004 A Brief Technical Assessment
04/16/2004 Shake Out or Fake Out? A Look at the Seasonal Cycle in Gold
04/02/2004 Psychology of the Crowd vs. Dow Theory and Technical Analysis
03/26/2004 The Moment of Truth Has Not Been Resolved
03/19/2004 The Moment of Truth
03/12/2004 The Rising Wedge
03/05/2004 Confirmers and Non-Confirmers
02/27/2004 The Dow Theory Non-Confirmation
02/20/2004 A Look At The XAU
02/13/2004 Dow Theory
02/06/2004 A Brief Technical Review
01/30/2004 A Brief Technical Review
01/23/2004 Equities
01/16/2004 How Market History Can Serve as an Important Guide
01/09/2004 The Dow Report
12/26/2003 Smoke and Mirrors
12/19/2003 Is Technical and Fundamental Analysis Wrong?
12/12/2003 The Speculative Episode
12/05/2003 Is It Just Too Big To See?
11/21/2003 The Setup Continues
11/14/2003 Could it be different this time?
11/07/2003 Lessons From The Past
10/31/2003 Another Look at Market Fuel
10/24/2003 The Majority is Usually Wrong
10/17/2003 Outside The Norms
10/10/2003 Market Fuel
10/03/2003 When and why can we expect the October 2002 low violated?
09/26/2003 Bull and Bear Market Cycles
09/19/2003 The Three Phases of the Bear Market
09/12/2003 The 50% Principle
09/05/2003 A Look at Dow Theory Confirmations

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