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Mike 'Mish' Shedlock Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance, low volatility, regardless of market direction. He has a global economics blog which has commentary 7-10 times a week, and is a "professor" on Minyanville. Mike does weekly live radio on KFNX, the Charles Goyette show every Wednesday. When not writing about stocks or the economy he spends a great deal of time on photography. He has over 80 magazine and book cover credits. Some of his Wisconsin and gardening images can be seen at


05/19/2010 CPI Goes Negative for Month, Smallest 12-Month Increase Since January 1966,...
05/13/2010 Europe's $1 Trillion Bet
04/22/2010 Greece Budget Gap Worse Than Feared; Moody's Downgrades Debt
04/08/2010 Retail Sales Rise
02/11/2010 Misguided Economists Say Unemployment Has Peaked
01/14/2010 Sovereign Debt Crisis Coming As Recovery Stalls
12/10/2009 Yield Curve Steepest Since 1980; Hard Times Ahead in 2010
11/12/2009 FHA Bailout By Taxpayers on the Way
09/10/2009 Junk Bond Defaults Wrost Since Great Depression: So Why Is the Market Rallying?
08/13/2009 Retail Sales and Frugal Shoppers, Two Peas in Same Pod
07/09/2009 Unemployment Claims: How Bad are the "Real" Numbers?
06/11/2009 Lack of Transparency in Fed Balance Sheet and Liquidity Programs
06/03/2009 Bernanke's Monkey See Monkey Don't Policy
05/14/2009 Wholesale Prices Post Largest 12-Month Decline Since 1950
04/23/2009 Twilight Zone Treasuries
03/12/2009 Census Hiring To Create 1.4 Million Jobs
02/12/2009 You Can't Fool Gold
01/22/2009 Brink of Debt Disaster
01/08/2009 Is the Stock Market Cheap?
12/11/2008 Nuclear Economic Winter Reflected in Shipping, Capex, Jobs, Treasury Yields
11/13/2008 Strange Case of Falling International Reserves Explored
10/23/2008 Job Losses Mount as Recession Deepens
10/09/2008 You Cannot Patch a Busted Dam With Water
09/25/2008 Horrid Data: Housing, Jobs, Durable Goods
09/11/2008 Commodity Bulls Jump the Shark
08/14/2008 Implications of the Slowing Global Economy
07/24/2008 Bear Market Phases
07/10/2008 Fannie and Freddie Waterfalls Are Too Big to Bail
06/26/2008 Is the Inflation Scare Over Yet?
06/12/2008 Wild Ride in Lehman, Financials

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