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Ryan joined PFS Group in 1995. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration/Finance from San Diego State University. His professional designations include FINRA Series 4 and Series 7. He has successfully completed the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program. Mr. Puplava is Senior Trading Manager at PFS Group. He also co-authors In the Know—a weekly communication for Jim Puplava's clients only—with other members of the trading staff.


06/28/2010 A Tale of Two Expectations
06/14/2010 Stock Market Trend: Unchanged
06/03/2010 Rally Debate, Markets, and Gold
05/17/2010 The COT Report, the U.S. Dollar and Gold
03/29/2010 Dollar Free Ride
03/01/2010 No Alternative
02/01/2010 2010, Transitioning From Push to Pull
01/04/2010 Economic Recovery and Removal of Monetary Accommodation
12/07/2009 Gold Correction, Courtesy of China and Weak Hands
11/09/2009 Momentum Shifting - Trend Intact
10/12/2009 Tracking This Market
08/17/2009 Intermarket Analysis
08/03/2009 Maybe You're Invested - What Now?
07/06/2009 Yellow Light
06/08/2009 Confidently Unconfident
05/13/2009 Recipe: Bear Market Bottom
04/27/2009 Don't Let the Flu Get You Down
03/30/2009 Nervousness Sets In
03/02/2009 Deleveraging: Round II
02/02/2009 Where are My Brother Commodities?
05/21/2008 Energy
05/07/2008 The State of the Consumer: Pretty Bad
06/21/2007 The First to Turn Down
06/14/2007 Revisiting the '87 Crash
12/27/2006 Hinging on Housing

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