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Brian Pretti is the managing editor of Contrary Investor is written, edited and published by a very small group of "real world" institutional buy-side portfolio managers and analysts with, at minimum, 20 years of individual Street experience. Our credentials include CFA, CPA and CFP, as well as the obligatory MBA's in Finance. We are all either partners or employees of institutions with at least $1 billion under management.


07/02/2010 The Homeless Recovery?
06/18/2010 Commercial Messages
06/04/2010 The Many Faces of Gold
05/21/2010 Survey Says?
05/07/2010 Incoming
04/23/2010 The Long and Short of It
04/15/2010 March Madness?
03/19/2010 Red Sky At Night
03/05/2010 The 5% Solution?
02/19/2010 Is the Glass (Steagall) Really Half Empty?
02/05/2010 Cycle Logical Issues?
01/22/2010 Yesterday Once More
01/08/2010 Of Mountains and Molehills
12/11/2009 On Allocation
11/13/2009 Dear Prudence, Won't You Come Out to Play?
10/30/2009 Running Government Interference
10/16/2009 Estimated Prophet
10/02/2009 Bucking the Trend?
09/18/2009 More or Less
09/04/2009 The "Other" Real Estate Issue - Revisited
08/21/2009 An Important "Conference Call"?
08/07/2009 Generational Earthquakes?
07/24/2009 Ghost Writers In the Sky
07/10/2009 Going With the Flow
06/26/2009 Five Fatal Flaws of Trading
06/12/2009 Pension Tension
06/05/2009 Place Your Wagers
05/22/2009 What are Payrolls Telling Us About the Equity Market?
05/01/2009 Of Fingers and Dikes
04/24/2009 The Service Economy
04/09/2009 I've Got Friends In Low Places
03/27/2009 The CFO Nose
03/13/2009 Survey Says
02/27/2009 The Most Important Messages From the 4Q GDP Report
02/13/2009 We've Only Just Begun?
01/30/2009 Bench Strength
01/23/2009 Who Needs Economists When We Have the Home Builders?
01/16/2009 Fair Retails
01/02/2009 Homes For the Holidays
12/19/2008 The View From the Executive Sweet?
12/05/2008 Yield Up Ahead?
11/21/2008 If We Make It Through December
11/07/2008 The Bigger Picture?
10/24/2008 Changing the Frequency
10/10/2008 The Other Consumer Confidence Report
09/26/2008 Um... Are We Forgetting Something Here?
09/12/2008 Fun With Funding
08/29/2008 Stool Pigeons
08/15/2008 The Amber Waves of Pain?
08/01/2008 Doscientos Mes
07/18/2008 Elephant Talk
06/20/2008 Cash Out Of Luck?
06/06/2008 The Many Faces of Inflation
05/23/2008 Cool, Clear Water
05/09/2008 Slowly I Turned
04/25/2008 Phase Dance
04/11/2008 Wagging the Dog
03/28/2008 Good to the Last Drop?
03/14/2008 The Bottom Card
02/29/2008 The Far Too Simple Beauty of the Promises We've Made
02/15/2008 Fair Retails?
02/01/2008 The Last Asset Bubble
01/18/2008 Those Twins
01/04/2008 Will the Truly Efficient Market Please Stand Up?
12/21/2007 The CFO Nose
12/07/2007 The "Other" Credit Market
11/23/2007 A Lump of Coal?
11/09/2007 A Simple Twist of Fate?
10/26/2007 Getting Carried Away?
10/12/2007 The (Price) Discovery Channel
09/28/2007 Contain This
09/14/2007 Farewell to ARMs
08/31/2007 Just Roll With It?
08/17/2007 Stress Management
08/03/2007 Going With the Flow?
07/20/2007 Rise and Shine?
06/29/2007 As Per the Script?
06/22/2007 The "State" of Affairs in Mortgage Lending
06/08/2007 The Inflation Maize
05/25/2007 Bail Bonds
05/11/2007 Taking It To the Bank(s)
04/27/2007 Deficit Attention Syndrome
04/13/2007 Jumping the Fire Lines?
03/30/2007 It's Delightful, It's Delovely, It's Deleverage!
03/16/2007 Looking Out the Window
03/02/2007 Love Triangle?
02/16/2007 Davos and Goliath
02/02/2007 We're Swimming in Liquidity, Aren't We?
01/19/2007 Four More Years?
01/05/2007 Homeland Insecurity?

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