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Rob Kirby received his post secondary education at York University [Economics] in Toronto. Upon completion he worked on an institutional trading desk for most of the 1980s and right up until 1996. Mr. Kirby began writing in 1997 and was involved in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2002, he went to work for Investor's Group, the largest Mutual Fund Company in Canada until September '04 when he resigned to write about the markets.


05/24/2010 Slippery Business
05/10/2010 Un-Graceful Exits or Revolving Door?
04/26/2010 Spinout at Government Motors
04/19/2010 Admissions and Denial
04/05/2010 Un-Graceful Exits
03/22/2010 Decoding Double-Speak
03/08/2010 History as Our Guide
02/22/2010 CFTC - Purveyors of Fanciful Financial Oversight
02/08/2010 A Sterling Account of Silver's January 2010 Dismal Performance
01/25/2010 Interest Rate Roulette
01/11/2010 Clear Thought in Confusing Times
12/28/2009 Legitimate Price Discovery vs. Fraudulent Price
12/14/2009 Implications Stemming From Copenhagen
11/30/2009 Honey, I Shrunk the Gold
11/16/2009 Predatory Lending and Outsourcing of Jobs: A Deadly Combination
11/02/2009 Disinformation or Ignorance? Take your pick
10/19/2009 The Axis of Monetary Lies
10/05/2009 History Rhymes and Old Habits Die Hard
09/21/2009 The Thin Edge of the Hedge
09/14/2009 Another Day in the Matrix
08/24/2009 Shell Game Revealed?
08/10/2009 Inflation, Deflation, or, What Have They Done to the Currency?
07/27/2009 Mr. Bernanke's Report Card: We Should All Be Holding Our Noses
07/13/2009 Alchemists in Action
06/29/2009 Stop the Ponzimonium [and Pawns-a-monium]: Shame of CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton
06/15/2009 Globalism or Localism: A Peek at Financial Ecosystems
06/01/2009 Auto Companies: Forensic Examination of Their Woes
05/18/2009 Theater of the Absurd: A View From the Inside
05/04/2009 Massive Blows to the Foundations of Our Faith-Based Capital Markets
04/20/2009 The Big Lie
04/06/2009 The Magnificent Seven and the Public Private Partnership
03/23/2009 A Date That Shall Live In Infamy
03/09/2009 Underlying Assumptions: A Forensic Review
02/23/2009 Failure or Sabotage?
02/09/2009 Crime Scene Investigation
01/26/2009 Further Forensic Examination
01/12/2009 "When", not "If" - Not Even Close
12/29/2008 "When", not "If"
12/15/2008 Have We Peaked Already?
12/01/2008 Shock and Awe at COMEX
11/17/2008 Clarity: Shrouded in Double-Speak
11/03/2008 Fudging, Fundamentals and the Electoral Cycle
10/20/2008 Derivatives Disclosure
10/06/2008 If Pigs Could Fly
09/22/2008 And the Band Played On
09/08/2008 The Stars are Aligning - But For What?
08/25/2008 Wake-Up Call
07/28/2008 The Engine Room of American Monetary Policy
07/14/2008 50 Ways to Leave Your GSE
06/30/2008 Benedict Benjamin Bernanke
06/16/2008 Setting the Record Straight
06/09/2008 The Science of Scape-Goating
06/02/2008 Fish or Cut Bait
05/19/2008 The Next Show to Drop
05/05/2008 In Whose Best Interest?
04/21/2008 Getting Real
04/07/2008 Inflation Revelations
03/24/2008 Dubious Deliberations
03/10/2008 The World's Worst Kept Secret
02/25/2008 Negotiating Curves
02/11/2008 An Inverted Pyramid Scheme
01/28/2008 Stuff That Doesn't Add Up
01/14/2008 Reading Tea Leaves
12/31/2007 Invested or Induced?
12/24/2007 A Crude Conundrum
12/17/2007 Where the Bones Are Buried
12/03/2007 The Best Case Yet for Gold
11/19/2007 Capitalism: Derailed, Dumbed-Down or Deceased?
11/12/2007 Prescient Pronouncements
11/05/2007 Musical Chairs at Citibank
10/22/2007 Hank's House of Horrors
10/08/2007 Inconvenient Truths
09/24/2007 A Reversion to the Mean
09/10/2007 Show Me the Money
08/27/2007 Asset Backed Paper Remains Illiquid
08/13/2007 Analysis of the Unfolding OTC Derivatives Melt Down
07/30/2007 Rinsing the "Spin" Out of the News Cycle
07/16/2007 Bernanke Babbel Analysis
07/02/2007 Where We Are, How We Got Here and Where to Next?
06/18/2007 Widely Under Reported Last Week
06/04/2007 Anecdotal Asides and Questions Begging Answers
05/21/2007 The I.M.F. In the News
05/07/2007 Derivatives: Glowing Revelations
04/23/2007 Blind, Blinder or Blind-Sided?
04/09/2007 Prospecting In Your Own Back Yard
03/26/2007 Driven To Fudge Numbers
03/12/2007 Lost in the Weeds
02/26/2007 More Refineries or New Refineries, When and How?
02/12/2007 Crude Revelations
01/29/2007 Contrary Views on the News
01/08/2007 Base Metal Bogie Man
12/29/2006 2006 - Thanks for the Memories
12/18/2006 Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
12/11/2006 Fundamental Vs. Technical Analysis and More
12/04/2006 Highway Robbery or Tricks at a Trough?
11/27/2006 It's All About the Dollar
11/20/2006 Don't Believe Everything You Hear
11/13/2006 Actions, Reactions and Distractions
11/06/2006 Choosing the Right Sport
10/30/2006 Inflation for the Nation?
10/23/2006 A Blast From the Past and More
10/16/2006 Understanding Conflicting Signals
10/09/2006 Hedging Bets
10/02/2006 October Surprise
09/25/2006 Running On Empty
09/18/2006 A Delicate Balance: Will They Or Won't They?
09/11/2006 To Hedge In a Hand Basket
08/28/2006 Prisoners In Our Own Homes Or Hostage to Growth?
08/21/2006 Nickel Plated Dominos
08/14/2006 The Week in Review
08/07/2006 Sage Advice Amid Mid-Summer Snow Jobs
07/31/2006 Noting the Notables
07/24/2006 Losing Our Cents
07/17/2006 Geo Politics Takes Center Stage
07/10/2006 A Slow Day for News?
07/03/2006 GM Revved Up on Merger Talk
06/26/2006 Monday Musings
06/19/2006 Celebrating June 19th
06/12/2006 Under the Radar or Behind Black Curtains?
06/05/2006 Tall Tales of Two Traders
05/22/2006 Mirror, Mirror...On the Wall
05/15/2006 A Tough Act to Follow: A Fiat Farce
05/08/2006 Questions Begging Answers?
05/01/2006 Over-Reach or Overdrawn?
04/24/2006 A Review of Last Week's Silver Streak
04/17/2006 An Ode To the 200-Day Moving Average
04/10/2006 Chaos Known As Volatility
04/03/2006 Taking Heed at Tax Time
03/27/2006 Getting Carried Away
03/20/2006 What Makes a Reserve Currency?
03/13/2006 Goldman Zeros Japan
03/06/2006 A Fourteen-Year "Overnight" Success
02/27/2006 Potpourri
02/13/2006 Conflicts, Confusion, Clear Visions and Countdowns
02/06/2006 Debt Markets Demystified
01/30/2006 The End of an Era
01/23/2006 Forks in the Road
01/09/2006 The Road Ahead
12/19/2005 Dow 11,000 Before Year End?
12/12/2005 Weird Goings-On In the Gold Market
12/05/2005 Crude Oil vs. Nat. Gas -- A Contrarian's Hypothesis
11/28/2005 Gulf Oil and Gas Update -- The Fundamentals
11/21/2005 Currency Conundrums
11/14/2005 Show Me the Money
11/07/2005 What's Up Doc?
10/31/2005 An Interesting Take On Interest Rates
10/24/2005 Changing of the Guard
10/17/2005 Passing Gas, Royalty and Income Trusts and More
10/10/2005 Kilroy Was Here
10/03/2005 Easy Come, Easy Go
09/26/2005 Losing It
09/19/2005 News With Views
09/12/2005 The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
08/29/2005 The Greenspan Legacy
08/22/2005 Slow Boat to China or Junk Tales to Debunk? – The Sequel
08/15/2005 A Slow Boat to China or Hollywood Hubris?
08/08/2005 Twilight at the Fed: Subliminal Parallels
08/01/2005 Free Trade: At What Cost?
07/25/2005 Tunnel Vision
07/18/2005 Mid Summer Report Card
07/11/2005 The Running of the Bulls
06/27/2005 Surprise!
06/20/2005 Dogs of the Dow
06/13/2005 Fighting the Fatigue Factor
06/06/2005 What's in Store for Us?
05/23/2005 Fundamental Thoughts Regarding Technical Analysis [T/A]
05/16/2005 Exit Stage Right
05/09/2005 The Legacy Costs of Doing Business
05/02/2005 Concerning Relationships
04/25/2005 Do Squeaky Wheels Always Get The Oil?
04/18/2005 Curiosity Concerning Conundrums
04/11/2005 Derivative Debate: A Practical Primer
04/04/2005 Faithfully Yours

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