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Martin Goldberg is a Chartered Market Technician who manages money privately. His stock market commentaries have been found in many financial publications around the world. Martin is also a Professional Civil Engineer, and has a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering. Martin appears with Ike Iossif on


06/17/2010 Proposed Reversal Pattern
05/20/2010 Long Term Resistance
04/16/2010 Fear Strikes Out
03/18/2010 Blue Skies Sunshine
02/18/2010 Emerging Markets - Key Chart Features
01/21/2010 Correction in Progress
12/17/2009 Three Important Necklines
11/19/2009 Internal Problems
10/22/2009 Key Former Leaders Suffer Hangover After Dow 10,000 Party
09/17/2009 The Bull Gets the Benefit of the Doubt
07/16/2009 Ah Ha! Head and Shoulders!
06/18/2009 S&P 500 Long, Medium, and Short Term
05/21/2009 Intermediate Term - Nothing is Settled
04/16/2009 Dow to Gold Ratio - No Trends Broken
03/19/2009 In Search of a Higher High
02/19/2009 Market Teetering on the Brink
02/04/2009 Economic Woes Start with Stock Market
01/15/2009 A Bottom and a Top: And Guidelines to Confirm Whether This is True
12/18/2008 Significant Long Term Bond Market Action
11/20/2008 Any Heroes Out There?
10/02/2008 Quietly Hiding Behind Economic Slowdown is Inflation
09/18/2008 Deflation, Inflation or Goldilocks
08/21/2008 Prognosis for the Labor Day Season
07/17/2008 Invest on the Correct Side of the Long Trend
06/19/2008 "It's the Speculators"
06/05/2008 Market Continues to Trade Multiple Head and Shoulders Reversal...
05/22/2008 Bull Market in Trust, Bear Market in Dividend Yields
05/13/2008 S&P 500 Analysis
04/17/2008 The Monthly Charts Tell Sad Consumer's Tale
03/20/2008 If Daily Market Action Can Spoil Your Day...
02/21/2008 S&P 500 Intermediate Term Prognosis
01/17/2008 CXO Models Are Poor Forecasting Tools: Tic-Tac-Toe Player Attempts Chess, Fails
12/20/2007 Quick Technical Take On Gold
11/15/2007 Tangible Market Evidence - Consumers Favor Saving Over Cachet: It's the Inflation
11/01/2007 Aggressive Portfolio Insurance
09/13/2007 Important Long Term Technical Relationships
09/06/2007 Large Financial Institutions' Technical Analysis
08/16/2007 Conclusion: Long Term Interest Rates are Heading Higher
08/09/2007 Stock Market Corrections Progressively Shorter in Duration
08/02/2007 A Wealth of Completed Reversal Patterns Paint Bearish Picture
07/26/2007 All the Science I Don't Understand: The Public, Discounting, Volatility, and...
07/19/2007 Gold Stocks -- Impending Breakout or Just Another Failure to Launch
07/12/2007 Intermediate Term Technical Evaluation of US Broad Line Retailers
07/05/2007 Bull Run - US Consumer a Passenger Only
05/17/2007 A Young and Rational Trend
05/10/2007 Market Sees Consumer Weakness in Some Big Ticket Items
05/03/2007 The Nasdaq 100 - Wall Street's Dirty Little Secret
04/26/2007 Nasdaq 100 to S&P 500 Ratio Approaches Critical Juncture
04/19/2007 Gold Stocks Ready to Surge? Not All Signals Positive, Next Week Critical
04/12/2007 The Important Semiconductor Tug of War
04/05/2007 Important Long Term Trendlines Threatened
03/29/2007 Price and Volume Provides Clues
03/22/2007 IBD Follow Through Day Moves Market Into "Confirmed Rally"
03/15/2007 Market View Interview: Saturday March 10, 2007
03/08/2007 Keep a Jaundiced Eye on the Bond Market
03/01/2007 Complacency Not Wrung Out: media Behavior Proves It
02/22/2007 Market Behavior a Formula for Complacency: Corrections Short and Sweet
02/15/2007 A Short Look at the Volatility Index
02/08/2007 Bad Technician Says, "Sell the Dow"
02/01/2007 Cups With Handles Move Leading Indices Higher
01/25/2007 HUI and the Homebuilders
01/18/2007 Don't Call It "Investing"
01/04/2007 Institutions Buy Homebuilders, While Insiders Pass
12/28/2006 Themes for 2007
12/21/2006 The U.S. Stock Market Looks Tired
12/14/2006 Put This News Short on Google in a Time Capsule (and Look at Its Chart)
12/07/2006 Twin Year-End Rallies
11/30/2006 HUI Gold Bugs Index at Critical Stage
11/09/2006 The Value of Technical Analysis
10/19/2006 Comparative Analysis of Gold Bugs Index Stocks
10/12/2006 Bond Market Yields Few Clues
10/05/2006 7 Dow Dogs
09/28/2006 Market Develops Sour Spot
09/21/2006 Important Technicalities
09/14/2006 Chicken Soup for the Gold Bug's Soul
09/07/2006 Storm Clouds Cast Shade on the Rally
08/24/2006 Wave Analysis of the Gold Bugs Index
08/17/2006 The New Election Rally?
08/10/2006 The Stock Market Looks Overvalued: Now It's Technically Weak
08/03/2006 While Market Internals Crumble, Is Price Next?
07/27/2006 Unhealthy Mix of Technical Factors Abound
07/20/2006 Necklines and Support Levels are Upon Us
07/13/2006 Technical Impressions
07/06/2006 Taking Stock of One's Self
06/29/2006 Mid-Cap and NYSE Composite Valuations
06/22/2006 Reflections on the American Dream
06/15/2006 Enjoy Your Fundamental Analysis -- Don's Forget: Anything Can Happen
06/08/2006 Contrary to Past, Recent Market Behavior Suggests Weakness Should Be Sold
06/01/2006 US Consumer Playthings Fall Out of Favor: There Must be a Reason
05/25/2006 Compelling Market to Watch: Not One for Large Commitments
05/18/2006 Momentum of All Types Punished in Spite of Fundamentals
05/11/2006 Man Bites Dog - Some Sectors NOT Going Up
05/04/2006 Chart Relationships Off the Beaten Path
04/06/2006 Today's Market
03/30/2006 Thinking Out Loud On Internet Companies
03/23/2006 Semiconductors - Lagging Sector Lies at the Crossroads
03/16/2006 Technical Analysis of Key Financial Institutions
03/09/2006 Wall of Legitimate Worry
03/02/2006 A Conspiracy of Paper
02/23/2006 Nasdaq 100 Fundamentals Suggest Stock Market Bubble Still Exists
02/16/2006 A Bear Market in Integrity
02/09/2006 Department Stores -- A Technically Key Sector
02/02/2006 Some Markets Even More Overbought Than Precious Metals
01/26/2006 BUSINESS; NOT PERSONAL: Interest Rates Heading Higher
01/19/2006 A Technical Look at the Transports
01/12/2006 Gold Leads Stocks in a Bullish Technical Pattern
01/05/2006 Elliott Wave Analysis of a Leading Stock Index: "Dramatic Reversal" Ahead?
12/29/2005 Key Homebuilder and Retail Charts to be Resolved Soon
12/22/2005 Market Now Home Alone: Predictions for 2005 and 2006
12/15/2005 Marty'sMailbag
12/08/2005 Buy 'Em Now!
12/01/2005 Seasonal Tendencies -- A Decade of Performance of the S&P 500
11/16/2005 S&P Forecasts Blue Skies: Sales and Earnings Growth of "7-11" Respectively!
11/10/2005 Here It Comes! (The Year End Rally)
11/03/2005 Not a Market for Investors and a Tough Market for Traders
10/06/2005 Analyst Timing Is Off at Key Market Turning Points
09/29/2005 Character of Bond and Gold Markets May be Changing
09/22/2005 Say Hello to the Bear Market in Consumer Stocks
09/15/2005 The Sky May be Falling!
09/08/2005 On Public and Free Market Matters
08/25/2005 Will the Low Interest Rates Allow the US Consumer to Spin One More Time?
08/18/2005 Important Top Will Be Signaled by Broken Necklines
08/11/2005 There Always is a Bull Market Somewhere, but There Never is a Bull Market
08/04/2005 Technical Observations About the Current Stock Market Rally
07/28/2005 BOOM 41.25, GOOG296.80, SINA 27.29, CAKE 35.70, RIMM 70.01, BOOM 41.25
07/21/2005 Tell Your Fundamentals to be Quiet! "It's a Technician's Market"
07/14/2005 A Technical Look at the 10-Year Treasury Note - Long, Intermediate, Short Term
07/07/2005 They're All Growth Companies!
06/30/2005 Next Key Milestone for Consumer Stocks? Christmas Shopping Season 5 Mos. Away
06/23/2005 Choose Your Intellectual Expert
06/15/2005 Leading and Lagging Sectors: A Look under the Hood of the U.S. Stock Market
06/09/2005 Transports Lag in the Intermediate Term
06/02/2005 Some Concepts From a Hot Guru on Selling Stocks Short
05/26/2005 Market Observation for Thursday, May 21, 2009: Sure It Is Sustainable!
05/19/2005 Mr. Market Discounts More Debt for the US Consumer
05/12/2005 A Bull Market in Indecision
05/05/2005 The Crowd and Its Rightness or Wrongness
04/28/2005 Sell 'Em All! (Dow Transports Included)
04/14/2005 Stock Market Suggests that Homebuilders on Extremely Thin Ice
04/07/2005 Markets At Key Fork In the Road
03/31/2005 An Intermediate Term Technical Snapshot of Dow Jones Industrials
03/23/2005 Beginning of Bear Market of Healthy Correction?
03/17/2005 A Technical Look at Important Consumer Stocks
03/10/2005 Monetary Deception and Spin Fools the Public - Not the Stock Market
03/03/2005 Divergences in the Real Estate Related Stocks: "This Time it Really IS Different"
02/24/2005 Make the Bubble Work for You: "It's a Bull Market"
02/17/2005 This Thing Could Run for Awhile: Indices at Critical Short-Term Juncture
02/10/2005 Nasdaq 100 Now a Laggard: Trends Suggest Weakness for the Stock Market
02/03/2005 Whipped Again Suggests More Life in the Bull & Long-Term Bull Market Views
01/27/2005 IPO Wheel Spins Fast Near Major Market Tops
01/20/2005 Nasdaq and Cisco at a Critical Junction, Berkshire Acting Well
01/13/2005 Inflation: Not Good for Corporate Profits or Stocks and Bad for Business
01/06/2005 Market Changing Character: It's Time to Wake Up!
12/16/2004 A Morning star for Bonds, Heavy Volume With Little Upside Progress for Nasdaq
12/13/2004 Were the Lessons Learned a Few Years Ago the Right Ones?
12/09/2004 Bonds Linked to Steroids
12/02/2004 Ten Year Note Technical Reversal Suggests Interest Rate Trend Is Up
11/11/2004 Is there anything new Under the Sun on Wall Street? (Probably Not)
11/03/2004 Stock and Bond Relationships Without All the Noise
10/28/2004 What the Transports & Internets Are Telling Us - Planes, Trains and Balloons
10/21/2004 Chart Fissures Suggest Something Big is About to Happen
10/14/2004 Consumer Cyclical Stocks - Looks Like a Top
10/06/2004 Throw Away the Cookbook and Focus on the Big Picture
09/30/2004 Invest in Merck and You Might See a Speculative Gain
09/23/2004 Impressive Short-Covering Rally Probably Over
08/26/2004 Is There a Political Party That is "Good" for Stocks? (And More)
08/19/2004 Precious Metals for Dummies - Sector Technical Analysis
08/12/2004 A Look Back at the Ganymede Rally - A Secondary Correction, or...
08/05/2004 Big Box Retailers -- Buy Their Merchandise, Sell Their Stocks
07/29/2004 Stock Market Indicating the End of the Housing Boom
07/22/2004 Prediction: Nasdaq Will Not Crash for Awhile (It will see 1,650)
07/15/2004 What Is Stock Action of Blue-Chip Company "Paychex" Telling Us?
07/08/2004 The Herd of Bullish Stocks is Thinning Out & A Technical Look at the Funeral Sector
07/01/2004 How to Manipulate the Stock Market With Only $12 Million Per Day
06/24/2004 Stock Market Long View - Is This a New Era? and...
06/17/2004 Market Internals Suggest Nasdaq is Far from Healed
06/10/2004 Right and Busted (Repost) - New Search for "Up" Follows
06/03/2004 Most Recent Nasdaq Rally Fueled by Triple Q Action -- Is Something Fishy?
05/27/2004 Revisiting the Technology Generals
05/20/2004 Too Many Stores at the Mall, Too Much Optimism at Broad & Wall
05/12/2004 Post-Bubble History Suggests Shorting the Primary Downtrend...
05/06/2004 Greenspan Fed Fails (Or Do They?) --Buffett Supports Kerry - Significant
04/29/2004 Technical and Anecdotal Evidence Says It Feels and Smells Like a Nasdaq top
04/22/2004 Canadian Energy Companies - Technical Analysis Indicates Critical Juncture
04/15/2004 Homebuilder and GSE Stocks - Technical Evidence Suggests Top Is In
04/08/2004 Speculative Issues in a Speculative Market
04/01/2004 Cheers - Bar Room Stock Market Talk
03/25/2004 Can the Stock Market Be Propped Up by "Organized Support"?...
03/18/2004 The Message of the Stock Market: Economic Recovery on Shaky Ground
03/11/2004 The Stock Market Broke on Wednesday
03/04/2004 Stop Losses for Plunge Protection? The 1987 Crash Offered Little Warning
02/26/2004 Stocks Priced for a New Era 'Will the Era Last to the "Boomers'" Retirement?
02/19/2004 Go Ahead, Speculate. But You Should Have a Pocket Full of NASDAQ Puts
02/12/2004 Presidential Election Conspiracy Theory
02/05/2004 Current Strength in Drugs, Weakness in the Technology Generals
01/29/2004 Nobody Needs A Hummer" A Technical Look at Auto-Related Stocks
01/22/2004 Corollary to the Peter Lynch Principle - Only Buy If You Can Explain...
01/15/2004 Stock Indices Go Parabolic! When Tools Do Not Work
01/08/2004 Right and Busted! The Peril of a Stubborn or Emotional Short Seller
12/17/2003 Become Rich in the Stock Market - Joe Six-Pack's Guide to the 2004 Stock Market
12/11/2003 Is the Economy Fundamentally Sound? 'Yes' Say the Esteemed and...
12/04/2003 Could the Stock Market Crash? Everyone Says 'No.'
11/24/2003 NASDAQ Showing Technical Weakness
11/20/2003 A Questionable Analyst Call on Retailers: "Nothing Has Changed on Wall Street!"
11/13/2003 Is Recent Stock Behavior Signaling Holiday Season End to Market Rally?
11/06/2003 Reflections and Practical Applications of Dow Theory
10/30/2003 Restaurant Stocks Looking Stale
10/23/2003 How the US Can Raise $85 Billion and Keep Everyone Happy...
10/16/2003 Technical Analysis - Valuable Tool or Misguided Product of 'Beautiful Mind'?
10/16/2003 Email Responses to "Is there an economic recovery?"
10/09/2003 A Look At The Technology Generals
10/02/2003 The Mother of All Bottoms?
09/25/2003 Saturday Morning at Soccer Practice
09/18/2003 Will Additional Rules Help the Long-Term Investor? A Chartist's Perspective
09/11/2003 Stock Market Gurus and Technical Analysis

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