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Chris PuplavaChris graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Biochemistry from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He joined PFS Group in 2005 and is currently pursuing the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. His professional designations include FINRA Series 7 and Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Exam. Mr. Puplava currently co-manages PFS Group's Precious Metals Managed Account, Energy Managed Account, and Aggressive Growth Managed Account with Jim Puplava. He also contributes a bi-weekly Market Observation for Financial Sense, and co-authors In the Know—a weekly communication for Jim Puplava's clients only—with other members of the trading staff.

Observation Archive

07/01/2010 When the Market Speaks, LISTEN!
06/23/2010 Headwinds & Market Messages
06/16/2010 All Along the Watchtower
06/10/2010 From Green Shoots to Falling Fruits
05/04/2010 Expect More Boom and Busts
04/29/2010 The Great Moderation is Dead
04/21/2010 Breadth Supports Continuation of Bull Market, Though Risks Remain...
04/07/2010 The Dual-Edged Sword of Investing: Risk vs. Reward
03/24/2010 Contrary Investing: Loving the Unloved
03/11/2010 The Road Ahead: Using the 1970s Secular Bear Market as an Analog...
03/03/2010 Market Rally & Global Economic Growth Recovery Remain Alive
02/17/2010 Market Observations
02/03/2010 The Guy behind the Guy Is You and I
01/20/2010 Market Tops Are a Process, Not an Event
01/13/2010 Commodity Secular Bull Market Continues
01/06/2010 Field of Uncertainties: If you provide it, will they come?
12/30/2009 2010: A Good Year for the Economy and a Mediocre Year for Stocks?
12/23/2009 Sector Rotation: Mid & late-stage cyclicals positioned for the nest phase of this...
12/16/2009 Clear the Mechanism
12/09/2009 Where Is the Humility?
12/02/2009 2010: A Question of Follow-Through & Sustainability
11/25/2009 Gold and Newton’s First Law of Motion
11/18/2009 The Gold Trifecta?
11/11/2009 Is Gold in a Bubble? Short answer... Not even close!
11/04/2009 The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?
10/28/2009 Another Fundamental Look at the Recent Dow Non-Confirmation
10/14/2009 Decision Time
10/07/2009 Hang Time
09/30/2009 Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me
09/16/2009 The Year of the Ox or the Year of Fat Tails?
09/09/2009 "History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme"
08/28/2009 Could We Have Another 1987-Like Crash in the Not Too Distant Future?
08/19/2009 The Most Attractive Sector in the S&P 500?
08/12/2009 Balancing Act
08/05/2009 The Sacrificial Lamb?
07/29/2009 Gold & Gold Stocks Setting Up for a Strong Second Half?
07/22/2009 Positive Quarters Happen
07/15/2009 A Bipolar Market
07/08/2009 Commodities: Bursting Bubble or Crouching Tiger?
07/01/2009 Commodity Bubble Revisited
06/17/2009 A Fundamental Look at the Recent Dow Non-Confirmation
06/10/2009 Staying Grounded
05/06/2009 What are the Credit Markets Telling Us?
04/29/2009 Another Look at the Inflation/Deflation Debate
04/15/2009 Economic Weeds & Green Shoots
04/08/2009 Possible vs. Probable: "So you're telling me there's a chance!"
04/01/2009 Fixed on the VIX
03/25/2009 Never Forget, This Will Be a Process, Not an Event
03/18/2009 Commodities - Signaling Reflation or Stabilization?
03/11/2009 Not Out of the Woods Yet, Not By a Long Shot
03/04/2009 "Da Bulls versus Da Bears... Daaaaa Bears"
02/25/2009 Myopic vs. Strategic Thinking
02/18/2009 Gold, Is the Future Still Bright or Fading?
02/11/2009 "YES WE CAN'T"
01/28/2009 In the Words of William Wallace: "HOLD... HOLD... HOLD"
01/21/2009 Markets Remain in High Risk Posture as Red Flags Abound
01/14/2009 Economic Alphabet Soup: Is it a “V,” “U,” “L,” or a “W?”
01/07/2009 Priority #1: Risk Management
12/31/2008 Precious Metals Update
12/17/2008 Turning Japanese?
12/10/2008 It's Gonna Take Time & Money
11/26/2008 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Unemployment Worse Than Reported
11/19/2008 Risk Management
11/12/2008 On the Road to Recovery?
11/05/2008 And Then There Were None
10/29/2008 What Goes Down Must Go Up
10/22/2008 Here Comes the Pain
10/15/2008 Secular Sign Posts: The View From 30,000 Feet
10/08/2008 Are We There Yet?
10/01/2008 Market & Economic Snapshot
09/17/2008 Déjà vu? LET'S HOPE NOT!
09/10/2008 When the Transmission is Broken, Call a Tow Truck
09/03/2008 Be Careful What You Wish For
08/27/2008 The Worst Is Yet to Come
08/20/2008 Why So Depressed?
08/11/2008 Fed Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey Confirms Credit Crisis Isn't Over
08/06/2008 The "Recessionistas" Fight Back
07/30/2008 There Has Been Blood!
07/23/2008 Banking on Foolishness: Financial Spinsters At It Again
07/16/2008 Revisiting Ground Zero & the Spreading Tentacles of a Recession
07/09/2008 Who Should You Believe?
07/02/2008 Don't Forget Newton's First Law!
06/25/2008 As Good as it Gets?
06/18/2008 The Choking Point?
06/11/2008 Everyone's Singing the Same Song
04/30/2008 An Inconvenient Adjustment: The Unofficial Official Recession
04/23/2008 Energy Bull Market Fundamentals Remain Strong
04/16/2008 Show Me the (Commodity) Bubble! - Part II
04/09/2008 Show Me the Bubble!
04/02/2008 Tipping Points?
03/26/2008 Let the Games (Spin) Begin
03/19/2008 The "Bottom" Will Remain Elusive
03/12/2008 Housing Update: Houston, We Have Lift Off
03/05/2008 The Slow Decline of the U.S. Consumer/Economy - Part II
02/27/2008 Change We Can Believe In: The Slow Decline of the U.S. Consumer
02/20/2008 Retail Reality Check, Again: Wall Street STILL Overreacting
02/06/2008 Liquidity is a Coward
01/30/2008 A Look at the Q4 GDP Report: Tailwinds Become Headwinds
01/23/2008 Why the Current Bull Market in Gold May Surpass the 1970s Bull Episode
01/16/2008 Deleveraging & the Case for Stagflation
01/09/2008 Health Care Macro Investment Theme: 2008 Update
01/02/2008 Markets Start Off 2008 On a Sour Note: Fed remains between a rock & a hard place
12/26/2007 Update on Refiners
12/19/2007 The Case for Gold
12/12/2007 Debunking the Decoupling Theory
12/05/2007 Survey Says: Watch Out Below
11/28/2007 The Fat Lady Remains Silent: FDIC Q3 Banking Profile Reveals Why
11/14/2007 October's Job's Report Is Bogus
11/07/2007 Gold's Rise Goes Beyond the Dollar's Demise
10/31/2007 Dissecting 3rd Q GDP
10/10/2007 Refiner Rebound Ahead
10/05/2007 September Employment Rebound Lifts Markets
10/03/2007 U.S. Economic Energy Intensity: Why $80 oil hasn't impacted our economy
09/19/2007 Fill 'Er Up, Please
09/12/2007 The Next Reflation: Where It Will and Will Not Be
09/05/2007 Will Financials Be to This Bull Market and Economy What Tech Was to the Last?
08/29/2007 Credit Erosion: The Worst Is Yet To Come
08/22/2007 Proceed With Caution
08/15/2007 Reality Setting In?
08/08/2007 Fragile, Handle With Care
07/18/2007 Retail Reality Check: Stock Market Melt Up Last Thursday Misplaced
07/11/2007 Recent News from Home Depot and Sears Reveals Consumer Retrenchment
06/28/2007 Statistical Review of World Energy 2007: A look at British Petroleum's ... Part II
06/27/2007 Statistical Review of World Energy 2007: A look at British Petroleum's ... Part I
06/20/2007 Industrial Production Release Points Towards Continued Economic Weakness
06/13/2007 Interest Rate Rally May Be Over Short-Term, but Ripple Effects...
06/06/2007 Wall Street Reconnects With Main Street
05/16/2007 Stage Set for Fed Relief?
05/09/2007 Sector Valuation Analysis Part II -- 2007 YTD Laggards...
05/02/2007 Sector Valuation Analysis
04/25/2007 Who's Carrying the Economic Baton? Part II -- The Consumer?
04/18/2007 Who's Carrying the Economic Baton? Part I -- The Corporate Sector?
04/11/2007 Global Distortions: US Dependency Goes Beyond Energy
04/04/2007 Crude Reality: Dependent and Deprived
03/28/2007 Inflation Rearing Its Ugly Head? Secular Trend Implications
03/21/2007 Consumer Staples & Health Care Set to Have Their Day in the Sun Once Again
03/14/2007 Don't Hold Your Breath!
03/07/2007 Blue Skies or Rough Waters Ahead, Which Is It? Keeping an Open Mind
02/28/2007 Transportation & Other Economic Data Point Towards Continued Economic...
02/21/2007 Bad Moon Rising?
02/14/2007 A Bird's Eye View of the U.S. Consumer: 7th Inning Stretch or 9th Inning?
02/07/2007 Housing Update
01/31/2007 Sector Valuation Analysis
01/24/2007 A Return to Volatility?
01/17/2007 Health Care Macro Investment Theme
01/10/2007 Betting on Oil: Opportunity of the Decade?
01/03/2007 Markets Start the Year Off With Volatility
12/26/2006 Falling Oil Prices Lifts Market
12/19/2006 Sector Valuation Analysis
12/13/2006 Fed's Decision Well Supported as Economic Slowing Continues
11/29/2006 Upward Revision in 3rd Q GDP Lifts Markets
11/15/2006 Housing Slowdown Continues Though Consumer Confidence and...
11/02/2006 Markets Fail to Rally After Release of More Negative Economic News
11/01/2006 Recent 3Q GDP, Construction Spending and ISM Report Point...
10/26/2006 Housing & Energy Economic Review
10/18/2006 Value Still Lies Within Energy: Disbelief Leaves Room for Modest Multiple Expansion
10/04/2006 Natural Gas Inventories and Possible El Niño Winter Analysis
09/20/2006 Recent Housing and Inflation Data Support Fed Pause
09/06/2006 Housing and Retail Trends Likely to Weigh on Future Employment Growth
08/23/2006 Stocks Fall for 3rd Consecutive Day on Weak Housing Data
08/09/2006 Tug of War With Inflation and the Economy Likely to Continue...
07/26/2006 Running Out Of Fuel
07/12/2006 Sixth Largest Trade Deficit in History Seen in May
06/28/2006 The Dilemma Facing the Fed: Choosing Between the Lesser of Two Evils
06/14/2006 Volatility and Uncertainty Continue to be the Theme
05/12/2006 Are the Dow Jones and Gold Approaching Previous Records? ...
05/03/2006 Markets Fall From Multi-Year Highs as Strong Economic Reports Fuel Rate Fears
04/27/2006 Energy Economics 101 -- The Culprit is U.S.!
04/21/2006 Week In Review
04/19/2006 The Coming Oil Crisis
04/13/2006 Caution Is Warranted!
04/05/2006 Is This Time Different? History Says No
03/08/2006 Interest Rate Fears Weigh on Markets Despite Falling Oil Prices
02/22/2006 Consumer Price Index and Falling Crude Oil Propel Dow to 4 1/2 Year High
01/25/2006 The Growth Economy
01/11/2006 Today in the Market
12/21/2005 Economic Reports
12/07/2005 Economic and Market Pulse Continued
11/23/2005 Economic and Market Pulse
11/09/2005 $100 Oil - Not So Far Fetched
10/26/2005 Capitalizing on Peak Oil - Investing In Alternatives
10/12/2005 Selling Continues In Markets With Nasdaq and Small Caps Hit Hardest
10/05/2005 Stocks Fall on a Slew of Data Released Today
09/28/2005 Inflation Fears Supported by Rallies in Oil and Natural Gas...
08/12/2005 Markets Close Down on Increasing Trade Deficit & Oil Woes
07/22/2005 Unloved and Underowned with Jim Puplava

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