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Tony graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics and completed his MBA at University of San Diego. Prior to his career in the financial services industry, Tony worked for over a decade in the publishing field, where he both wrote and edited business trade publications, and in advertising. Mr. Allison lives in San Diego with his wife Eva and two teenage children. In his spare time, Tony enjoys golf and mountain biking.


12/21/2009 Trading, Investing and Speculating
11/23/2009 Blowing the Whistle on Cheap Oil: IEA credibility under fire
10/26/2009 Mainstream Logic
09/28/2009 Over the Rainbow: Dorothy returns to a troubled Oz
08/31/2009 Investing For Retirement and Beyond: Start early and keep learning
07/20/2009 Unlimited Debt: When the glass overflows, we all get wet
06/22/2009 Common Sense Stimulus: Build a productive infrastructure before the currency is destroyed
05/11/2009 The Road Ahead
04/13/2009 Get Real: Energy will be increasingly expensive
03/16/2009 A Golden Lining in a Perfect Storm: Will we ever learn the lessons of history?
01/05/2009 "Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!" Destination: Japan or Zimbabwe?
12/22/2008 The Coming Oil Train Wreck: First stop - Mexico?
12/08/2008 The Demise of the Middle Class: Early 1970's an historic turning point
11/24/2008 A Bridge Too Far: The energy sector will be back, all too soon
11/10/2008 The Debt Culture
10/27/2008 Uncle Sam Leveraging Up: De-leveraging? Not the US government
10/13/2008 The World Is Not Ending: But Jim Rogers may be right
09/29/2008 Common Sense and Courage: Lost American Virtues
09/15/2008 Disconnection: The US Financial System Morphs Into Wonderland
08/18/2008 The Great Oil Bubble? Supply and geopolitical issues will not go away in global recession
08/04/2008 Everybody Gets a Trophy: Economic Perils of the NannyState
07/21/2008 Buckle Up: With transparency and truth in short supply, caution is warranted
07/07/2008 The Politics of Deception: Historian Kevin Phillips on decades of bi-partisan deceit
06/23/2008 Retirement: Reality or Mirage? Challenges in a changing world
06/04/2008 A World of Scarcity: Investing in long-run trends
05/12/2008 Mining Stocks: Looking for their turn in the spotlight
04/28/2008 Paper Skyscrapers: The long road to fiscal responsibility
04/14/2008 Energy in America: Living in a state of denial
03/31/2008 Pedal to the Metal: Precious metals "store of value" in global financial storm
03/17/2008 The Year of Living Dangerously: Printing Our Economy Back to Prosperity?
03/03/2008 Commodities on Fire: It's More Than Just a Dollar Implosion Story
02/04/2008 Stay the Course: The commodity bull market still fundamentally sound
01/07/2008 Retirement at Risk: Start the New Year with a Sober Assessment
12/10/2007 The Taxman Cometh
11/26/2007 A Brewing Storm: Gold Poised to Move in 2008
10/29/2007 Something's Got to Give: $90 Oil May One Day Seem Like the Good Old Days
10/15/2007 The Boomers are Coming, The Boomers are Coming: Demographic Tsunami is at the Gate
10/01/2007 The Cart and the Horse
09/17/2007 Warming Up the Helicopters: The Next Re-Flation On the Way?
08/20/2007 A Day of Infamy: August 15th, 1971
08/06/2007 Sub Prime Blues
07/23/2007 Sovereign Wealth Funds: Where Will the Money Flow?
07/09/2007 The Fundamental Things time goes by
06/25/2007 Stay Off the Rollercoaster
06/11/2007 Crying Wolf or Crying Uncle
05/14/2007 A Sea of Debt
04/30/2007 DOW 13,000!! Relatively Underwhelming
04/16/2007 Broken Promises: The Baby Boomer's Lament
04/02/2007 Inflation: Comparing Apples to Oranges, Smoke & Mirrors Won't Pay Your Bills
03/19/2007 The Retirement Trap: a fixed income retirement may lead to a real fix
03/05/2007 The Year of the Golden Pig
05/13/2005 Winds of Change
04/29/2005 Inflation and the Fed: 92 Years Together and No End in Sight
03/31/2005 Delayed Gratification-The Case for the Roth IRA
01/27/2005 White Noise
12/17/2004 The Debt Bomb
11/29/2004 A Time of Thanksgiving - A Time of Reflection
11/15/2004 HEAVY LIFTING: Challenges Dead Ahead

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