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11/07/2009 ~ 11/25/2009 6th Annual Natural Resource Show 2009
with Jim Puplava, Joseph Calandro Jr., and many guest expert interviews!
12/13/2008 FSN Energy Roundtable
with Matthew R. Simmons and Dr. Robert L. Hirsch
11/27/2008 5th Annual Precious Metals Show 2008
with Jim Puplava, special gold roundtable, and 13 guest expert interviews!
03/01/2008 FSN Gold Roundtable
with Dr. Leanne Baker, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Rob McEwen, Bill Murphy, & James Turk
02/02/2008 FSN Energy Roundtable
with Matthew R. Simmons, Dr. Robert L. Hirsch, & Jeffrey G. Rubin
11/23/2007 4th Annual Gold Show 2007
with Jim Puplava, special guest, Hon. Ron Paul, and 18 guest expert interviews!
09/29/2007 Dollar Roundtable
with Axel Merk, John Rubino, Peter Schiff & James Kirk
02/17/2007 Gold Roundtable - "Golden Opportunities
with Dr. Keith Barron, Eric King, David Morgan, & Bill Murphy
01/06/2007 Economic Roundtable - Forecast 2007
with Frank Barbera, Joe Dancy, Bill Powers, Peter Schiff and James Turk
12/02/2006 3rd Annual San Francisco Hard Assets '06
15 Guest Experts Interviewed
11/04/2006 Five Ways to Own Bullion
(separate interviews) with Barisheff, Deadwiley, Hansen, McAlvany & Turk
07/01/2006 Gold Bull Market Still Intact Roundtable
with Jim Puplava, Leanne Baker, Peter Grandich, James Turk & Don McAlvany
06/03/2006 New Era or the Perfect Financial Storm? Roundtable
with Jim Puplava, Frank Barbera and Brian Pretti of Contrary Investor
02/18/2006 Energy Roundtable
with authors Richard Heinberg & James Howard Kunstler
12/03/2005 2nd Annual San Francisco Gold - 4 hour Special
with James Turk, James Dines, John Doody, Ian Telfer, Peter Marrone, Peter Mcgaw, Keith Barron, Robert Longe, David Miller and Frank Barbera
10/01/2005 Is Global Warming Just Hot Air?
with Dr. Robert C. Balling, Jr., Alan Caruba, and Evelyn Garris
09/17/2005 Economic Roundtable
with Frank Barbera, Clyde Kendzierski, and Jim Welsh
04/23/2005 Gold Roundtable "It's Still A Bull Market."
with Pamela Aden, Frank Barbera, & Eric Coffin
04/02/2005 Gold Roundtable
with Robert Longe, Robert Quartermain, André Gaumond & Peter Marrone
02/19/2005 Gold Roundtable
with John Embry, Bill Murphy and Eric King
12/18/2004 Investment Roundtable "A Look Back & A Look Ahead"
with FSN Experts: Tim Wood, Jim Willie, Bill Powers, & Dave Morgan
12/04/2004 San Francisco Gold - 4 hour Special
with Eric King, Marc Faber, James Dines, Paul van Eeden, John Doody, Peter Marrone, Chris Davey, Robert Quartermain, Keith Barron, Robert Longe and George Young
09/18/2004 Manipulation of the Gold Markets
with John Embry, James Turk, and Bill Murphy
07/10/2004 Gold Roundtable
with John Embry, Bill Murphy, and Eric King
06/26/2004 "990N"
with John Mackenzie, Kennedy Gammage and Tim Wood
11/01/2003 Goldbugs & the 5 Bears
with Kennedy Gammage, Robert Prechter, Peter Eliades and Tim Wood
09/06/2003 The Long-Term Bull Market in Commodities
with Jim Rogers, Marc Faber & Jim Puplava
06/28/2003 A Technical Perspective of The Markets and Gold
with Kennedy Gammage, Richard Russell, Peter Eliades and Tim Wood
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