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June 28, 2003

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Kennedy Gammage Richard Russell Peter Eliades Tim Wood
Dow Theory Letters
Peter Eliades' Stock Market Cycles

The Richland Report
P.O. Box 222
La Jolla, CA 92038
858-459-2611 Phone
858-459-2612 Fax

The Richland Report is published by the Richland Company and usually mailed on Fridays every other week, plus occasional Special Bulletins whenever the editor thinks something needs to be reported. It is available to a few elite, brave and hardy Street-wise subscribers for an exorbitant annual fee of $197 for a guaranteed 24 issues per year, or a thrifty $357 for no fewer than 48 issues for two years.
Dow Theory Letters
P.O. Box 1759
La Jolla, CA 92038-1759
858-454-0481 Phone

Dow Theory Letters
are published and mailed every three weeks. We offer a TRIAL (two consecutive up-to-date issues) for $1.00 (same price that was originally charged in 1958). Trials, please one time only. Mail your $1.00 check to: Dow Theory Letters, PO Box 1759, La Jolla, CA 92038 (annual cost of a subscription is $250, tax deductible if ordered through your business).
Stockmarket Cycles
P.O. Box 6873
Santa Rosa, CA 95406-0873
800-888-4351 Phone

Stockmarket Cycles is technically oriented with an emphasis on market cycles. It specializes in both long-term and short-term timing and is published every three weeks. Included with the newsletter is a telephone hot line. Two options #1 Daily Telephone Update with Newsletter ($480/yr) or #2 Periodic Mutual Fund hot-line with Newsletter ($252/yr).
Cycles News & Views
1868 Forsythe Ave,
PMB #305
Monroe, LA 71201
318-342-9038 Phone

Cycles News & Views
is a monthly newsletter. It covers the Stock Market, Gold, T-bonds and the U.S. Dollar. The purpose of my newsletter is to help the investor time intermediate and long-term cycle changes using a quantitative. Annual subscription cost is $250 for 12 monthly issues with periodic updates. Mr. Wood has been a prior guest on Financial Sense Newshour. More
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