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Freedom From Oil: How the Next President Can End the United States' Oil Addiction

David Sandalow


December 8, 2007

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Cover Image �I plan to deliver my first address from the Oval Office two weeks from today. The topic will be oil dependence.� From these opening lines, Freedom from Oil delivers a fast-paced narrative of debates at the highest levels of government. A former assistant secretary of state under Bill Clinton, David Sandalow draws on his White House experience to dramatize how the next President could shape a new plan for ending the United States' addiction to oil-a plan both Democrats and Republicans could rally around.

With dueling memoranda from Cabinet members and the President's top staff, Sandalow breaks new ground with serious policy analysis that keeps the reader turning pages until the President's speech to the nation. Throughout, fascinating profiles tell the stories of individuals who shed light on these issues.

David Sandalow is an Energy and Environment Scholar at the Brookings Institution. He has served as Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, Environment & Science; Senior Director for Environmental Affairs, National Security Council; and Associate Director for the Global Environment, White House Council on Environmental Quality.

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David Sandalow
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