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Origins of the Fourth World War

J. R. Nyquist

Author and Columnist

J. R. Nyquist J. R. Nyquist completed a speaking tour of 30 American cities last year during which he lectured on Russian and Chinese war preparations. Nyquist is a renowned expert on America's fatal illusion of a balance of power; diplomatic and Cold War history; the survivability of a thermonuclear world war and much more.

Trained in political sociology at the University of California, Nyquist left his Ph.D. research behind to write "Origins of the Fourth World War." The book explores such crucial topics as:

Mr. Nyquist has written for publications such as Conservative Review, The New American, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, Dispatches and WorldNet Magazine. He has worked for Chris Ruddy at and was a columnist at WorldNetDaily for over two years. Today Mr. Nyquist writes a Tuesday column for and edits a weekly Web magazine at

Further Research: The Sudan-Iraq-Afghanistan Alliance: and the Russian Connection

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